The Endless Winter (of Trade Shows)

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There’s no question, this winter extended its stay way past the point of being comfortable. New England is getting less ornery by the second, but no one seems to be navigating out of the seasonal woes just yet. Besides one noreaster after another, this winter included a lot of commotion for us in the form of trade shows.

Our buying team was at NYNOW, Natalie was at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, buying just got back from Highpoint, and ICFF is coming up in just a few weeks – it never stops!

We wanted to give you a quick rundown if you aren’t as familiar with these trade shows as we are, and what this winter had in store for us.

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s dive into a quick roundup of all our winter design stimuli.


Location: New York, New York

Among the sea of our smaller accessory brands shining throughout the Javits Center, we stumbled upon a few special brands that we couldn’t get enough of … so much so we added them to our brand lineup.

The first booth to catch our eye was Zenza, and they are complete proof that lighting doesn’t have to be cold or dauntingly harsh.

Warm modern in every sense of the word, every piece is handcrafted and raises the bar for boho-luxury.

The shapes and shadows that these pieces create when they’re lit are simply breathtaking (it’s like they’re creating their own wall-art).




The showroom visit that really changed the game for us was stepping into Roll & Hill on Mercer St.

We knew we were in for a treat (besides the pastries we smelt from Le Petit Quotidien around the corner). Roll and Hill got their start in Brooklyn, and they still assemble everything by hand out of their Sunset Park headquarters.

Stepping into their downtown showroom was cerebral high-art – their designs were perfectly-matched with wall color and ambient light. The gallery-like setting only amplified just how sculptural and daring their lights are.

Without a doubt, it was transformative to experience and if you’re in NYC anytime soon, you should absolutely check it out.

Stockholm Furniture Fair

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Natalie was able to explore solo on this one, and most of us were jealous about not getting to tag along for the Scandinavian Design. While she was there Eilersen released the four new sofas below: the Session, Slim-Line, Drop, and Slope.

Shh, they’re not available yet, we’ll update you when we have more news. But what they released that is available now … is their four new fabrics: Desert, Gravel, Plindy, Plakar.


Sika Design


She also stumbled upon Sika, an incredible and sustainable rattan brand that is home to some of our favorite designers, so bringing them on board was a no-brainer.

They’re based out of Denmark and home to some of the greats –  like the Paris Chair by Arne Jacobsen and the Hanging Egg Chair by Nanna Ditzel.

Fun fact: Their name comes from Sika deer which are known to be light and elegant, at least that’s what we’ve been told anyways. Regardless, we’re bringing wicker back.

We’ll be doing a spring round-up too, so stay tuned for more of our warmer travels over the next couple months! For now, we’re just glad we made it out of winter in one piece.


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