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It all started after a husband and wife team (Natalie van Dijk and Curt Carpenter) decided to depart the creative constraints of corporate life.

They itched to recreate the experiences that Natalie had in Amsterdam growing up – art, culture, textiles, and utilitarian ideals. So they began to envision what that would look like as a business, as a store, and as a philosophy.

And in 2003, Lekker Home was born. 

If you haven’t had the chance to meet us yet, our showroom is nestled in the South End of Boston, a small artistic community brimming with designers and small businesses of every kind.

Natalie and Curt made a commitment all those years ago to honest and authentic design – and ever since we’ve specialized in Mid-Century Modern classics like Herman Miller and Knoll and European Design icons like &Tradition and Asplund, curating brands that we believe in aesthetically and ethically.

For 15 years Lekker has been lucky enough to experience the world of design in all its machinations.

Whether that be from the moments in which Curt and Natalie, were packing Royal Delft tea sets until two a.m., or the countless inventory days where we learn more intimately than ever … that we have too many seashell caviar spoons for our own good.

Needless to say, we’ve grown – a web office now complements our showroom, employees are turning into teams, every new brand we take on welcomes a Lekker that is both true to itself and everchanging.

Every day we set out to connect with the people and neighborhoods where our furniture actually lives. And we want to keep fostering that connectivity.

So we all started to brainstorm about exactly how to do this …

You have bloggers and brands occasionally explaining our world, but what about a retailer?  Year after year we’re assembling furniture, styling homes, buying the latest and greatest, traveling to every trade show, and knee-deep in countless floorplans – which means we can be a resource from the starting point.

We decided to create something that takes you on our journey, but also offers you real how-tos, education, and advice, because design should be accessible for everybody.

The Lekker Creative is our new blog to do just that – show who we are on a human level. Beyond showrooms and computer screens, we’re people who live for what we do.

Excited to take you with us,

The Creatives at Lekker

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  1. Laura Leech says:

    I really loved your comment of “ where the furniture lives”. How Lekker Home has expanded into many homes… including the dinner parties with the caviar spoons, your fabulous glassware etc Life beyond… blog away.

    1. LekkerCreative says:

      Thank you, Laura 🙂

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