Three Ways to Style: The Margot Sofa

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It’s easy to believe that certain furniture items only work within a specific design style when choosing new items for one’s space. It can be difficult to find pieces that seamlessly translate across multiple styles and bridge the gap between vintage and modern aesthetics.

A piece that does transcend styles for us and for many, is the Margot Sofa by Gus* Modern.

Ask anyone at Lekker, we love the Margot, and not just because we’re able to rattle off a variety of Royal Tenenbaums jokes. It’s extremely versatile and fits into so many different people’s lives.

And it’s the indecisive shopper’s best friend – it comes in two different steel legs (brass & black finishes), but each sofa comes with both in case you change your mind later.

We chose three of our favorite takes on the Margot to show you exactly what it’s capable of

Margot Take One: The Mix Master

Moira, our Senior Design Sales Associate, has worked in design for 15 years, curating and collecting pieces that she’s admired throughout her journey. Around every corner, a design relic peaks out ready to greet you and tell you its story.

Her design style is modern and organically-influenced with hints of vintage flair, making her home truly a paradise for those that love to surround themselves with one-of-a-kind pieces.

Moira’s Margot Sofa in Velvet London

Currently, her living room gets incredible natural light, making it the perfect stage for her Margot and for plenty of greenery to thrive. And naturally, it’s the favorite perch of her dog, Lucia.

Gus* Modern also recently released the Margot in a chair version, which we adore … and it might be an even better fit for pets and humans alike.

Her travels and design inspiration (along with more Lucia) can be found here on her Instagram.

Margot Take Two: The Young Professional

Lauren, part of Lekker’s Web and Marketing team, is in a loving long-term relationship with her Margot. It’s Lauren’s favorite sofa in our lineup, so when her living room came calling for some sprucing up … she was quick to pull the trigger.

Lauren’s Margot in Oxford Zinc

Lauren pairs her Margot with bright modern accent elements (ahem, look at those pops of orange!) and uses the sofa as the visual constant. Her living room is very much the social center for her busy life – it’s the crashing place for every overnight guest, the hub for every movie, and a tranquil hideaway for relaxing after work.

Find her posting her Margot all over Instagram here.

Margot Take Three: The Modern City Couple

Danathe owner and creative director of arazilevinedesign, decided the Margot was exactly what she wanted for her Seaport living room. She’s an interdisciplinary architect with a background in interior design and urban design so it makes sense that her space echoes symmetry, modernity, and clean lines.

Dana's Margot by Gus Modern in Velvet London
Dana’s Margot in Velvet London via arazilevinedesign

She’s an expert at designing with classic modern elements, while still infusing a personal touch. Her work has tons of great examples of how to master warm modern. You can find more of her work on her site or on her Instagram.

Creating juxtaposition between different interior trends – a little bit of Mid-Century Modern here, a little bit of Industrial there, is here to stay because you know … it’s important to live a little. It creates fantastic layers within a space and at the end of the day allows you to dive into a wider variety of designs that you could have missed by sticking to one “style”.

Find those pieces that can mend style bridges while still allowing you to express yourself, you’ll be much happier you did.

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