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Living in a city, we’re often hyperfocused with multipurpose furniture … we want to know what can be turned into something else even before we purchase it.

If you’re like us … we’re constantly looking at pieces sideways, i.e., can we cluster those side tables to make a coffee table consortium? Can that stool be a table? Can we balance a tray on top of it? How can we create extra seating?

The most functional of pieces and one that truly fulfills the need for adaptable furniture is a … bench!

A bench is the ultimate versatile icon – it can easily fit in any room of the house and can be used for just about anything.

Need extra storage? A bench has it covered. A place to take your shoes off? A bench it is. It’s the perfect fill-in for a coffee table, room divider, or end of the bed trunk. So we thought we should compile a list – an ode to benches if you will.

Here are our favorite benches for any space:

1. The Storage Sanctuary

The Mimico Storage Ottoman is the perfect landing spot to stow shoes, books, and those lingering tote bags we can’t help but accumulate. The secret cushion compartment is an addition that those who wait until the last minute to straighten up, will covet.

Plus, the opposite end contains an open cubby for anything else that’s left over! 

Mimico Storage Ottoman in Natural Ash/Varsity Charcoal

2. The Modern Interpretation

The new BluDot Daybench is a sleek rendition on the modern bench, perfect to be the statement piece that creates separation in a small space. The powder-coated steel base keeps it simple and the leather options are right on trend with dusty-colors and moody palettes.

It will be available at the end of July so keep your eyes peeled! The standard size is 55″ wide but it’s also available in a jumbo version at 75″ wide.

Daybench in Blush Leather and Putty

3. The Sophisticate

Sometimes a bench can be a work of art, and Menu doesn’t cut any artistic corners. The Afteroom Bench takes notes from the Bauhaus and functionalism movements, merging art and industry.

They have capitalized on what it means to be creative, and by combining a side table with the seat they have reduced the amount of material those two pieces would have required on their own.

Truth to materials, always. Also, we’re also dying to recreate this photo with our favorite white sneakers.

Afteroom Bench in Black Leather

4. The Hygge Hideaway

The 3171 Bench, affectionately known as the Mogensen Bench, is as traditional as you can get.

This 1956 Børge Mogensen classic can help you stay true to roots of Danish simplicity, aesthetics, and togetherness.

The seat is available in a ton of different fabrics and leathers (even COM!) – this is one of the few benches that can be truly made just for you. Fredericia gets it.

3171 Bench

5. Traditional with a Twist

The Originals Love Seat is a piece that started as a progression of the Windsor chair –  a chair built with a solid wooden seat into which the chair-back and legs are round-tenoned, and has now become the symbol of Ercol.

It’s a fresh take on the love-seat, and is one of the most beloved pieces we carry, especially in its half-painted versions.

Fun fact: The Originals Love Seat is both carved and painted by hand! 

Originals Love Seat in Half Black

6. The Versatile Classic

The Straight Bench is the old faithful piece from Ethnicraft – it’s simple, clean-lined, and ready to withstand any wear-and-tear. Plus it’s solid oak, which sets you up for a lifetime of use.

Pair it with a wood dining table, use it as a display for art or plant friends, the options are endless. The Straight Bench is unique in the way that it can enter any space without breaking up style cohesiveness.

Straight Bench

Some may say, be practical and use furniture for what it was intended to do.

And to that, we say, sure sometimes it’s better to use logical reasoning – like don’t use a table as a bench if it’s not built to withstand the weight of a human body. But most of the time, it pays to be inventive.

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