Beach Houses to Satisfy Your Coastal Dreams

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It’s June so naturally we’ve been fantasizing a lot about the ocean and ways to fit a getaway into one of these summer weeks. We can’t resist the temptation to let our minds wander when we have so many beautiful beaches at our disposal.

For now, the next best thing to chartering off is looking at some beach house design inspiration.

So let’s do some Cape daydreaming together with these interiors …

1. A Modern + Industrial Retreat

Designer: C&J Katz

Location: Truro, MA

Photography courtesy of C&J Katz

The Keeping Room

This C&J Katz Truro House is what would be considered a traditional “Cape House”, being built around the 1850s.

Back in the day, we’re talking way back in the 1880s, the term “Cape Cod House” was supposedly coined after a Yale President wandered onto the Cape one fateful trip.

Without knowing it, he coined a design style that slowly trickled its way from the shores of the bay all the way up to the rest of New England, the shores of Long Island, and retreats of Upstate New York. 

The Kitchen

The center of a typical Cape House floor plan is the ever-present “keeping room”. Its use was multifaceted but was most frequently used for families to gather and center around the hearth. One of their keeping room players is our beloved Zwolle Chair!

A keeping room typically has seven doors, depending on how much work has been done to the interior structure. Every door led to a room designed for a very specific purpose, most being archaic … like the room for “hired help”.

This house has been with the Katz family for over 30 years and the design duo gave it a major overhaul in 2016.

We worked with them to figure out how best to tackle the upholstery pieces – as you can see lots of Cisco ended up in the mix.

2. A Vibrant Family Oasis

Designer: Rachel Reider Interiors

Location: Truro, MA

Photographer: Michael Partenio
The Entryway

It’s clear that the coastal environment heavily influenced the interiors of this project – rocks, shells, and natural elements like the trunk of this table are abundant.

The original mood boards created for this project contain plenty of contrasting colors and textures, all centering around tones of blue and gray.

A Glorious Patio

Rachel and her team made sure that versatile outdoor fabrics and rugs were a focus of both the interior and the exterior to withstand the wear-and-tear of the owner’s three young boys.

They know well, it’s all about understanding your lifestyle before deciding on a fabric.

The Living Room

Most of the furniture selection was based on the desire for clean lines and modernity, which helps balance the coastal New England elements. Eilersen’s Playground Sofa quickly became the perfect perch for watching the water.

3. The Scandinavian Escape

Designer: Ellen Hamilton

Location: Chilmark, MA

Photographer: Max Kim Bee
What a view!

This 1970 beach cottage was completely redone in about 7 months, Ellen and her team designed with restraint by keeping original elements of the house and Scandinavian minimalism in mind.

The living room is filled with some of our favorite pieces: Menu’s Synnes Dining Chair, the Carl Hansen Safari Chair, and even the Hans Wegner Circle Chair!

Such a bright entryway

As you know, we’ve been going crazy about benches lately and even wrote an article about their versatility last week. Here they’re using the 153A bench by Artek as a catch-all!

A backyard we wouldn’t mind having …

4. A New Project!

Designer: Rachel Dunham

Location: White Horse Beach, MA

We’re very excited to see photos from a new beach house designed by one of our favorites, Rachel Dunham Design, but for now … we’ll try to live through the Instagram teaser.

The sofa in the shot is the Adelaide by Gus* Modern!

And now let’s hope all this beach manifestation will bring us closer to the ocean (even if it’s only figuratively).

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