Your Side Table Needs this New-Age Oil Lamp

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You probably haven’t heard anybody talk about an oil lamp since Pride and Prejudice came out. And why would you? They were originally invented for the needs of 70,000 B.C and although we love them for decoration, we’re not taking the chance of knocking one over and accidentally igniting a curtain in flames!

There’s plenty of vintage oil lamps on the market if you’re really looking for that specific ambiance, but for us, we take advantage of a newer homage.

Imported from Denmark: The JWDA Lamp

A Lekker favorite that has withstood the test of time.

The classic version of the JWDA Lamp was made with a concrete base and created in 2014 as a simplified and organic take on all those longstanding oil lamps. The handblown opal white glass mixed with the industrial feel of concrete was a hit at its first launch at Maison & Objet in Paris that September.

The lamp was designed by Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell for Menu, and the name comes from his studio aptly called JWDA.

JWDA Metallic Lamp in Brass

This is the lamp that we feel confident recommending to everyone, because we know they’ll love it no matter what their style is.

JWDA Pendants

The JWDA has been constantly updated throughout the years – most recently with the addition of a marble base that adds an even more luxurious touch. It’s available in four versions: a classic concrete base, a metallic base, a pendant, and the marble base (which is slightly larger than the rest).

JWDA with a Marble Base

The steel knob on the front of the lamp acts as a dimmer which allows you to adjust the light to the room and setting. The glow of the light is reminiscent of the warm illumination from the olive oil or kerosene of yesteryear.

Everything Menu stands behind is in the vein of soft minimalism, but with a particular focus on function. It’s only natural the JWDA would follow suit.

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