Styling the Picture-Perfect Picnic

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Now that Fourth of July has come and gone, the barbeque has officially been christened for use, it’s time for us to properly bask in the humidity once more.

They say if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen … but forgot to add an addendum that says just grab a cheese plate and go outside.

For us, it’s important to remind ourselves that we can still feel connected to summer when living in a city – as long as we make time for respites. A purposeful pause is a way for you to reclaim your time and curate an experience solely for yourself, or as an intimate practice for you and a few friends. And the perfect way to do so is to unplug, share a meal, and take advantage of a green space.

We decided the best way to show you some effective picnic styling was to have one of our own.


  • Fabric Napkins – they’re washable and help save the environment
  • Real Plates from the cupboard – they aren’t too heavy and won’t fall apart from extended use
  • A Cheese Knife – it elevates any average piece of Gouda
  • Wine (an obvious choice)
  • Pillows for added comfort
  • Blankets for a plush base
  • A Seemingly Bottomless Basket to store everything


Transporting all of our goods to our favorite park – we put Seagrass Baskets by BIDK to the test, padding everything with Walter G pillows and Uniquity Blankets.

With the help of some Tawny Daylilies and BeHome to accessorize, the picnic was all about layering.

For napkins, we went with Walter G. For plates, Mud Austrailia. For forks and knives, Mepra.

Playing with warm and cool tones, we brought in Serax novelties like the Urchin Bowls and the Fish & Fish Collection.

Outdoor lighting was provided by none other than a whimsical Fermob’s Balad Lamp and the Menu Carrie LED Lamp.

Photos: Courtney Fee

Styling: Katie Kavanagh + Jeffrey Gaudet

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