A guide for choosing the right rug (the first time)

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You finally find the rug you love – it’s the perfect weave, it’s comfortable and durable, and you’re ready to roll that thing out like it’s meant for the feet of Oscar winners.

But then you get it home and the worst happens: the sizing is off. Even though you made sure to measure your room upwards of 28 times.

Not to fear, we’ve all been in this sticky situation, so much so, we’ve created a guide with the help of Armadillo & Co to help you select the perfect rug the very first time.

Let’s get started

The Dining Room

The Atlas Berber Knot Rug in Natural

The key to this room is all about your table and chairs of choice. The best size under a dining table is about 24 – 28 inches wider than the table, accommodating chairs when people are seated.

A round rug under a round table is a great touch to accentuate the table’s shape and enhance the room’s overall design.

Dining Room Size Guide


The Bedroom

Zinnia Flower Weave Rug

This might be the most tricky space to universally agree on what sizing is best because seemingly everyone has a different opinion depending on comfort and aesthetic purpose.

But more often than not, people are looking for smaller rugs to accent their beds.

They can be placed on the side of a bed as the landing spot for those difficult mornings, or for a more dramatic effect, you can use a larger rug to act as a platform for the bed.

Bedroom Size Guide

The Living Room

The Husk Weave Rug in Ink

Last but certainly not least, the living room – the room that rugs were made to shine in!

Common practice for rug styling in the living room is to orient them around your seating – having them sit halfway underneath or fully underneath a couch or lounge chairs. If we’re talking modular seating, it tends to look best placed entirely on a rug with at least 7.5 inches of rug visible from behind.

Living Room Size Guide

We hope this makes choosing a rug size a breeze, and if not, don’t be afraid to ask us for help.

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