The Perfect Decor Line for the Object-Obsessed

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Fritz Hansen is home to classic designs we know and love, like the organic furniture feats of the Swan and Egg Chair. And some of our favorite designers – the craftsmanship of Poul Kjærholm, Arne Jacobsen, and Cecilie Manz. They hold the legacy of Danish design, the foundations of 1800s carpentry, and have curated a style that trickles well beyond the streets of Copenhagen.

Beyond their rich history, they are also constantly on the forefront of innovation – and something that we’ve been itching to bring on board is their decor collection, that’s given a single name like a prolific artist – Objects.

Here are some of our favorites

Benjamin Hubert Basket

Kiss the traditional magazine rack goodbye: Huber designed the basket’s soft, asymmetric form to reflect both the curvature and gentle nature of the timber material. The basket itself is made by steam-bending the handle and laminate-pressing the base, allowing it to have its particular shape.

“[The] Basket is a balance of classic materiality, soft feminine forms, and useful functionality – the hallmarks of the iconic Danish brand.” – Benjamin Hubert

Jaime Hayon Vase

A classic vase with a fantastical Hayon twist. One of the most influential modern designers decided to mix textures of handblown glass and untreated cedar to create a modular piece for your favorite flower arrangement.

Studio Roso Mirrors

The effervescent Studio Roso Mirrors are the ultimate show of duo-chrome aesthetics – changing color depending on what angle a spectator is looking at it.

It’s a testament to the studio treating their designs as installations, all having an element of poetic movement.

“We are passionate about exploring the many ways objects can become tools for radically changing space and people’s perception of this. This passion drives all our designs.” – Studio Roso

Cecilie Manz Light Tray

Like Manz does best, she merged two existing decor pieces into one, in order to maximize function. Her light tray can be used solely for the soft ambiance of candlelight, but can also hold fruit, keys, or assorted living room knick-knacks.

1958 Tray Table

Willumsen & Engholm were cabinetmakers working for Fritz Hansen in 1958 when they designed this versatile piece, and Fritz Hansen decided to relaunch it in 2016 as part of the Objects Collection. The top is removable and the base folds, making it perfect for those desiring to make more room in a small space.


Acquiring your first mid-century designer piece can be the breeding ground for indecision, so this is the perfect way to ease yourself in and pay homage to classic principles with a smaller token.

And even better, think of your new object like the Cher or Madonna of the decor world, we sure would.

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