Back and Better Than Ever: The Artistic Return of Muuto

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With the year rapidly flying by there is so much news we can’t wait to share with you but … we have to keep most of it under wraps for now. One tidbit that we can share is our decision to bring back an old favorite to the Lekker lineup – Muuto.

Muuto does so many things well, but in particular, they’ve begun to run a series on their blog of photo essays by different photographers and creative minds that allow their designs to be shown from a new perspective.

There is so much incredible art direction taking Muuto products to a whole new level … see for yourself:

Definitive Forms by Erica Zhu

”The relationship between body forms and objects has always fascinated me. Muuto designs are well-known for their bright, simple and functional traits, but for me, there’s also have a sensual side to them.” – Erica Zhu

Featured Designs: Fiber Armchair, Framed Mirror, and Fluid Lamp Pendant

Light Materiality by Matthew Johnson

“I wanted to use light as a medium of creating shapes across shapes, pairing the unique forms that arose from the chairs of Visu, Workshop and Cover.” – Matthew Johnson

Featured Designs: Visu Chair, Workshop Chair, and Cover Chair.

Bellevue by Simon Heger Knudsen

”The architecture up here is iconic, designed by the Danish masters. It made the beach seem like a natural choice for the essay, joining traditional values with a new outlook on things.” – Simon Heger Knudsen

Featured Designs: Visu Lounge Chair, Varjo Rug, and Ripple Throw

So many people have been itching and pressing for Muuto to be back and we realized we needed to give the people what they wanted (just don’t get too power-hungry). Since this is a new addition – if you’re interested in anything not online at the moment, just give us a call and we’ll order it for you!

Here are the pieces we’ll have on the Fall Floor:

View our full Muuto Collection here.


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