Project Spotlight: A Vibrant, Back Bay Apartment

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Back Bay is the land of quintessential Boston architecture merging with whatever newness the city decides to build. It’s the perfect place to wander along Commonwealth Ave and explore the multitude of brownstones as far as the eye can see, beyond our small streets of the South End.

From this outwardly beautiful part of the city, we wanted to bring you a project that paid a special attention to what’s on the inside of all that history.

Kate Kelley worked on this project while she was at the South End design powerhouse Hacin + Associates, and for us, this installation marries the transition between summer and fall inspiration perfectly.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do


The attention to detail in this project is amazing, especially the dainty teacup installation on the marble backsplash:

Living + Sitting Rooms:

Something Kate does masterfully is balancing feminine and masculine ideals, and this shines best in the living room. The abstract magenta carpet and the floral wallpaper is subdued by the Acquario leather from the Hi-Turn and the grey tones for the upholstery.

The lounging sections are divided with sweeping floor-to-ceiling sliding doors:

Even a drop chair made a colorful appearance in Canvas 614 Pink:


The play between color and neutrals returns in the bedroom, relying on a berry-colored rug for the contrast and keeping everything else cool-toned.

“Interior Design is a process in which every decision you make informs the next.” – Kate Kelley

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For more work by Kate Kelley, visit her portfolio here. And if you want to know what our friends Hacin + Associates are up to – go here.

All Photos by Michael Stavaridis

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