New for Fall: Scents, Succulents, and Surprises

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We’ve entered this crisp new season (and if you’re in New England particularly rainy) and we wanted to give you some Lekker updates to fall into. A few new brands have entered the mix as well as some additions to old-favorites that we are overdue for sharing with you!

So let’s get right into it

Night Space

Our newest candle brand is one we simply can’t resist – we’ve been around the block with candles at Lekker testing a variety of brands and scents throughout the years but with Night Space we’ve seemed to strike gold.

Founded in the Hudson Valley as a partnership between two New Yorkers – founders Kat and Danielle strive to make scents that raise curiosity and become the signature of your home.

What’s funny is that we all already have our favorite  – for us the candles are reminiscent of a rich perfume, our parent’s homes, or a place we love. We hope you find them as nostalgically beautiful as we do.

Explore the scents here.

Carl Hansen Outdoor Collection by Bodil Kjær

new all-teak collection by Carl Hansen has hit our shores and for those lucky enough to have perpetually good weather – you can still utilize these incredible outdoor pieces.

The original designs by Bodil date back to 1959, and just looking at them transports us to a realm of warm weather in some coastal European escape. It’s easy to tell that the collection was inspired by Cubist forms and contemporary architecture.

All the pieces are currently available online!

Kalalou Flowers

The “fake flower” market is plentiful and it seems like so many brands are trying to take a crack at making flowers that are unaffected by time or weather (thank goodness).

We stumbled upon Kalalou’s flowers because they’re latex works of art, and something we found to be unique is that each part of the flower can hold its shape so it can truly be styled – unlike silk varieties. Plus, life is busy, beyond houseplants we’re very into the idea of integrating more greenery that doesn’t rely on us to stay alive.

Even better – the stems are huge so they can stand on their own or be joined together to create a lush centerpiece.

These lovely additions are only in the showroom – so come visit if you want to snag some!

New Ethnicraft – The Anders Collection

Ethnicraft has gone to the dark side with these sleek designs solely using powder-coated black steel and black-varnished solid oak. For those that have always wanted Ethnicraft’s solid wood but were looking for a different vibe – this is for you!

Ethnicraft describes the collection as, “The Anders collection is an exploration. A journey on which we challenge ourselves to work with new materials yet always remain true to our signature aesthetics.”

The collection is available to ship January 2019, so mark your calendars!

If you’re interested in anything you see or want to learn more, head to our website for some browsing or feel free to get in touch!

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