Project Spotlight: A pied-à-terre Shines in the Sox Hood

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The Red Sox are onto the World Series and what better way to commemorate than spotlighting some great design in Fenway.

Though most associate Fenway with the Green Monster – the glimpses of greenery from the Fens (their link in the Emerald Necklace), the incredible culinary revival with SE outposts like Blackbird Doughnuts, and hidden architectural relics tell a whole other story.

A part of that rich culture we want to share with you is a project by ID8, a woman-owned studio by designer Sashya Fernandes.

The project was a total gut renovation of an 18-year-old condo  – attempting to recreate a French pied-à-terre.

we hope you enjoy the tour

Living Room:

The main obstacle they faced during this project was renovating while keeping the plumbing in their pre-existing locations – so the only major structural change made was blowing through the entire foyer area to create a loft-like space.

Suddenly the space was more open than before without sacrificing privacy.

Lekker Decor: Echasse Bowl, Echasse Vases, Pols Potten Bubbles & Bottles Vase (showroom only)


For those unfamiliar, a pied-à-terre boiled down is a small escape in a big city, typically not one’s permanent residence. Between the art, marble inlays, and brass accents – this certainly feels like a vacation.

When gutting to create the loft-like space, they made sure to create a hideaway for the master bedroom suite using pocket doors.


Cool tones are clearly the focus but a palette rich in texture helps plenty of light reflect and refract, and offer plenty of differentiation. Part of that differentiation is the detailing from the custom cabinet work, creating interesting pockets an storage with an artful flair.

Lekker Decor: Belly Tea Story by Royal Delft (showroom only)


For more of Sashya, browse the rest of her beautiful portfolio here.


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All Photography by Joyelle West

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