12 Niche Gifts from Scandinavia to Amsterdam

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Listen, Natalie knows better than anyone at Lekker that its hard to recreate the magic of the Netherlands in its entirety. But that doesn’t mean gifting a small token can’t be just as special.

So we’re bringing you 12 special gifts that embody the essence of one of our favorite regions and that even inspired Lekker’s inception.

Let’s dive in

1. Fireside Shovel and Brush

Eldvarm is one of our favorite fireside brands – making accessories for those moments of warmth and togetherness firmly rooted in Scandinavian tradition and culture. The Fireside Shovel and Brush is crafted with French beech from sustainable forests and FSC certified walnut, with all details made of brass!


2. Woodland Trees

For those searching for a Nordic rendition on pine trees look no further than this sophisticated design by Farmhouse Pottery. They’re hand-thrown in Vermont and crafted to impress.

3. Canal House Votives

A Lekker best-seller and one of our personal favorites to display in our homes all year long. These Canal House Votives by &Klevering mirror the houses along the canals of Amsterdam and always have us itching for a trip. There are six different designs and two sizes – made of bisque porcelain and imported from the Netherlands.


4. Velvet Stocking

A revamp on tradition and perfectly timed with velvet making its whirlwind comeback, these stockings channel a richer palette of rust, forest, mustard, and rose and mirror the way we already attempt to modernize holiday decor.


5. Porcelain Acorn Ornament Set

Where the playful meets elegance, these acorn ornaments are sure to incite “awes” from your guests if they adorn your tree, but will also hold their own against more classic ornaments with their porcelain and gold detailing.


6. Pastel Afresh Bowls

These matte-glazed and hand-decorated bowls are perfect for bringing Amsterdam right to your dining room or kitchen table. The foodie who wants their dinnerware to have a story – this is it.

7. Menu Bottle Grinders

Another gift for the culinary-inclined (or those who wish to appear to be) these spice grinders by Menu are made for salt and pepper, or for any larger spice. They are designed to sprinkle only when you grind so they’re clumsy cook and kid-proof.

8. Canal House Snow Globe

An excellent companion for those who love the Canal House Votives, but with the addition of a snowy escape instead of a flame.

9. Kastehelmi Votive

An Iittala classic – inspired by morning dewdrops, bringing the outdoors inside. The whole collection is one for lovers of delicate artistry and jewel-tones!

10. Delft Spoons

Designed by the aforementioned Dutch brand &Klevering, these spoons are a modern interpretation of traditional delftware, which defines the blue and white glazed pottery dating back to the 16th century.

11. Bicycle Cups

Take part in the bustling bike culture of the Netherlands without leaving home – a set of six each with a different bike.


12. Alvar Aalto Vase

From the mind of Alvar Aalto to you – these iconic vases take their inspiration from the shorelines of Finland and their thousands of lakes. Every vase is completely unique and still mouth-blown!

If you need more gifts for the hard-to-give people in your life the rest of our gift guides can be found here.

We’re also kicking off a special Instagram-only countdown of gifts called 12 Days of Lekker on Sunday, so keep up with that if you’d rather gifts be delivered right to your feed.

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