Ways to Repair Self-Care after the Holidays

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You’re fully geared up for all your events, ready to take on every last holiday dinner and New Year’s party in sight. But when do you get a break? The excitement stops and you’re left twiddling your thumbs while coming down from the holiday ecstasy.

Since buying for all your people has ended, time to focus on snagging yourself a gift or two that will help you unwind – which we totally forget to do too.

Here are our favorites

Update an old favorite

Glass Kettle Tea Pot

A tea steeper made for indulgent tea sessions with guests or to house your favorite tea-for-one on a rainy day. We’re trying to integrate more tea into our lives and maybe even cut the caffeine cord (well, at least try).

Menu’s take is a design mindful of traditional Oriental cast iron teapots, but instead fashioned with a heat-resistant glass.

Lattice Towels

The staple in our bathrooms that create envy and always lead to “can that be my next gift from Lekker” dialogue – Yoshii and Kontex towels are beautiful, lightweight, and the softest towel you’ll ever feel. Partially due to their incredible manufacturing processes – traditionally woven, environmentally friendly cotton, and minimal chemicals.

Their slim design means more room in your linen closet and more time to do anything for yourself besides waiting for towels to dry.

Pepe Marble Mirror

Since modern vanities are hard to come by – why not convert whatever desk or surface to your self-care station with Menu’s Pepe Marble Mirror.

Think 1950s Italian glamour – armed with a flat side and one made for 3x magnification, coming in both black and white marble.

Take Up a new wellness ritual

Ceremonial Matcha Set

The rich history of matcha in Japan is continued with this starter set by our friends at Morihata, maintaining the ritualistic practice of matcha with contemplation and relaxation. Specifically, Morihata’s Sei Matcha is an organic, ceremonial grade matcha harvested from the tea fields of Uji, Japan.

We leave matcha to the experts, as one should.

Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing Masque

We’re all for the power of the at-home facial – but we’d rather trust a skincare line we already love than our amateur-chemist creations that always have egg-white and always go awry.

Plus, this superfine white clay mask is made to detoxify and firm the skin (while remaining good for reactive skin). Other killer ingredients from cranberry seed, wheatgerm, and ginkgo make this a great recipe for a reset.

Focus on the Environment

Glass Juice Straw Set

DK Living really outdid themselves with helping us save the oceans in a luxurious way.

This set of four straws plus a cleaning brush is exactly what you need to jumpstart loving the planet in 2019 – which is really synonymous with loving yourself.

Blomus Sono Line

Although buying trendy hand soap just for the bottle is fun on occasion, something to reconsider in the new year is just finally getting a simple soap dispenser you love!

Blomus’ new Sono line has been the perfect solution – sleek and modern, reducing our waste and looking nice doing it.

Create small luxuries

Australian Sheepskin

It seems like we’ve been draping sheepskins on everything this year – from beds to dining chairs (and even tables). If you need something to quickly elevate any room … this is your piece, plus it’s not too bad to cozy up with either!

These Chesterfield Leather sheepskins come in so many different sizes (and custom is available too if you want to get fancy with it).

Area Bedding

Our friends at AREA were just with us for The Uniek Market showing off the incredible clothing designs of Anki Spets – if you’ve never sampled her fashion, Spets’ knack for textiles shine through with her bedding.

Treat yourself to the tenets of Scandinavian design with some luxurious fresh sheets (they’re the only bedding brand we carry for a reason!)

Pictured above is Heather, an AREA classic: cotton percale with a smooth, soft surface.

The showroom is back to regular hours on January 3rd, but you can snag all of these finds online until then!

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