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This holiday season we actually managed to disconnect, take some time from the constant movement of a small business, e-commerce, the bustling of Boston and simply … relax. But the furniture world keeps on moving no matter what, which means we’re already back with some newness.

We’ve carried and adored Fritz Hansen for years, adding their decor line in 2018, and now Lightyears!

Lightyears is a Danish lighting company that’s been part of the Fritz Hansen family since 2015 – working with incredible designers like Cecilie Manz, Jørn Utzon, and Christian Dell (just to name a few).

Here’s a proper introduction to some of our favorites

Kaiser idell™ Series

Christian Dell created an icon in the Bauhaus design scene with the Kaiser idell™ collection – being a silversmith allowed his style to exemplify German design with its swivel joint and curves that contrast the cold materials of steel and brass.

The Kaiser idell™ comes as a table lamp, floor lamp, and pendant in multiple colorways.


We’ve gushed about Cecilie Manz in many posts but she’s back at the forefront again with one of Lightyears’ most popular designs, the Caravaggio™!

Her design is a simple, timeless pendant made of soft, feminine lines, a metal shade, and held by a chrome-plated metal suspension. A high-gloss finish was part of the original design but also it comes in a matte finish.


In 1957 Jo Hammerborg became the head of design at the Danish mecca Fog and Mørup and led it through its most successful period artistically and commercially. The Orient™, both major and minor, was created by Hammerborg for Fog and Mørup in 1963, and relaunched by Lightyears in 2013.

The relaunch is an exact replica of the original – real copper and rosewood, but now also comes in 3 sizes and 3 colorways.


Concert™ is a fitting name for this piece as the designer is none other than the architect of the Sydney Opera House, Jørn Utzon! The lamp is built of four shades and a parabola of drawn steel, which is mounted on a glass suspension of acid treated glassware.

The design prevents glare with a soft luminous effect, coming in two sizes P1 and P3.

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