11 Sculptural Side Tables That share a Sofa’s Spotlight

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Sidekicks are often given less credit but are always the backbone of any mission – without their constant support of the brazen, often impulsive hero figure, nothing would get accomplished. In our case without side tables holding their own and supporting the focal pieces of a living room like the sofa or lounge chair, interiors fall flat.

We’re Team No-More-Casting-Aside-Accent-Pieces, especially with the rise of side tables becoming as artfully-minded as they are functional.

Instead of spending hours looking for a unique side table (we know that pain and eye-strain all too well), we compiled some of our most abstract favorites and why we love them.

Let’s dive in

Halves Side Table

By Muuto

Why we love it: Terrazo is all the rage right now, and this acrylic and stone combo with two different surface levels makes it perfect for displaying trinkets with room for all your regular side table beverages/snacks/clutter.

Androgyne Side Table

By Menu

Why we love it: The marble top and steel base bring some sleekness to these industrial materials with wide, flat legs and cylindrical slits that create a kaleidoscope effect.

Lato Side Table

By &tradition

Why we love it: This table was literally designed to be a homage to sculpture and to take center stage by designer Luca Nichetto. Insider fact, it was originally inspired by the shape of a lollipop (obviously upside down).

Micado Table

By Fredericia

Why we love it: The Micado was inspired by a game of sticks and keeps it simple and playful with its construction. It was designed with no hardware and is one of Lauren’s favorite pieces in her home.

Cobalt Mist Organic Hexagon Side Table

By Notre Monde

Why we love it: One of the hands-down most popular Notre Monde trays is the Blue Mist, so a darker, moodier iteration on that design in a side table set gives us even more of that incredible pigment and metallic ink layering. Also, every single Notre Monde table/tray is handcrafted so exact patterning will be unique to each set.

Facet Table Series

By Gus Modern

Why we love it: The Facet Series of 3 different sculptural tables inspired by growing crystals can be used as tables or as secondary seating, and we love that versatility for someone hosting a lot of folks in their living rooms.

Shuffle Table

By &tradition

Why we love it: This modular design is so playful and captivating, probably because it was inspired by the Nordic craft of turning wood and the whimsy of old colorful wooden toys. The Shuffle Table, plain and simple, offers so much joy.

Turn Side Table

By Blu Dot

Why we love it: The Turn Side Table is a tamer, natural player on this list – but it’s solid wood, comes in two sizes, and fits in just about every space.

Tam Tam Stool

By Pols Potten

Why we love it: Hailing from Amsterdam this stool/side table creation makes the cut because of the sheer variety of vibrant colors it’s carried in. Cluster a few of these bright, glossy stools for the ultimate pop-art moment.

Geometric Side Table

By Ethnicraft

Why we love it: One of Ethnicraft’s newer designs follows their new affliction for solid oak painted black and expertly mixes elegance with just enough geometric forms.

Prismatic Table

By Vitra

Why we love it: A Noguchi classic, the Prismatic Table is inspired by Japanese paper folding techniques!

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