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Courtney Fee

There’s something sort of magical in the way that Courtney exists. She listens intently and chooses her words carefully, with intermittent singing into an invisible microphone instead of ending a sentence.

Her depth of knowledge on seemingly unrelated topics is astounding, allowing for meaningful conversations about the history of German cinema or ‘90s pop stars or nutrition.

Today we get to learn more about the woman behind the blog.

If you’ve been keeping up with The Lekker Creative, you’re already familiar with the even and thoughtful tone of this blog’s (usual) author. While a post about her is the last thing Courtney would like, there’s a lot to say about the powerhouse of creativity behind Lekker’s look and feel.

Meeting Courtney, you wouldn’t immediately pin her as the intense, philosophical woman that she is. She can often be seen dancing around or heard making the team laugh, but her care and determination become clear after even a few minutes of conversation. Whether it’s designing an email, writing a blog post, or simply chatting with a colleague, Courtney takes extreme care to be thoughtful and authentic in everything she does.

“No matter what it is… I want to do it the best that I can, because why wouldn’t you?”

Courtney’s interest in design started young, with frequent trips to antique shows and markets with her mother and aunt. While she doesn’t necessarily identify with the same styles now, the carefully curated interiors of her grandmother’s home in Florida and her own home growing up shaped her design sensibilities from the start: color informs everything and having unique and personal pieces matters.

For Courtney, design was a matrilineal tradition.

It wasn’t until college that Courtney circled back to think about furniture and interior design in a new way. Frustrated by the performative nature of fellow art school students, Courtney and her best friend, chose instead to look inward. Both were fascinated by the world of design and the intersection of personal and performative expression.

In a moment of frustration came inspiration: “Let’s start a blog.”

Quick to recant the usual nature of the blogosphere, they wanted this to be literary and taken seriously. And so, The 470 (also known as the four seventy or TFS) was created. The 470 was an online publication about intentional design and a reflection on the potential or realized impact of furniture and interior design.

The 470 offered valuable experience and, more importantly, an artistic outlet that felt authentic and true to who they were.

“Interiors felt very connected to me growing up and became something I was extremely interested in debunking because I needed to know why design is often manipulated to only focus on the surface-level. And also to find out how one could approach aesthetics and subjects that are outward facing in a way that is authentic.”

After moving back to her native New York and perusing freelance writing, Courtney found herself being drawn back to her love of interiors and creative endeavors.

Cue, Lekker Home. Day-to-day, Courtney manages marketing, creative, and social media content for the company. Between emails, photography, printed materials, the blog, and so much more, Courtney is ultimately responsible for how Lekker is perceived by the outside world.

The moodboard of Courtney’s life

For Courtney, it starts with color and font.

These are the foundational elements that pave the way for meaningful communication. Being able to frame the way that a customer feels or thinks with something as simple as the shape of a box is more than just a skill that Courtney has. Through observation and reflection, Courtney is capable of making the smallest tweak, somehow completely shifting a reader or viewer’s perspective.

“My mom always said that I’ve been 30 since I was 5, I’ve always been painfully aware of … everything,” explains Courtney.

Whether written or drawn, what Courtney brings to Lekker Home is more than her intuitive and thoughtful nature – it’s also a sense of joy, responsibility, and authenticity that is palpable in what she creates.

Courtney makes Lekker that little bit more magical.

This guest post was written by Lauren, who you can read about here.

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