Product Spotlight: The Little Petra Lounge Chair

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In an effort to share all the knowledge housed in the brilliant brains of everyone on the team, we’re starting a monthly product feature where one lucky Lekker team member will do a write-up on something new, something old, something silver … you get the idea!

We hope to break down design in a way that is digestible and focused, like our project spotlight series, and to tell the story of just how your favorite lounge chair or table made its way from a designers sketch to our showroom. And if you’d ever like to see a particular product featured, please let us know!

This week Laura is spotlighting the Little Petra Chair by &Tradition.

The Little Petra Lounge Chair, designed by architect Viggio Boesen, was first introduced in 1938 in Denmark.

One of just a few designs by Boesen, the Little Petra won numerous awards at exhibitions in Copenhagen, New York, and Berlin. Boesen became associated with Denmark’s 1930s Funkis style design movement which embodied a softer, more organic aesthetic. Fun fact: Little Petra is named after Boesen’s mother-in-law.

Originally, only about 30 pieces were produced as a made-to-order item for private clients only, making this lovable lounge an extremely rare item at auctions.

Thanks to Danish design house &Tradition, The Little Petra was brought back into production in 2018 on its 80th anniversary.

The Little Petra is a real treasure designed with simplicity and ultimate comfort in mind. Smaller than most lounge chairs, its petite and inviting frame makes it functional for a variety of interiors while allowing for a multitude of seating positions. If you’re craving some serious coziness, opt for the luxe 100% Australian Sheepskin upholstery.

The lounge is consciously constructed of a solid beech frame, the option for solid Walnut or White Oiled Oak Legs and a wide range of upholstery to choose from. COM is also available if a project requires a more specific look!


We’re one of the few select dealers in the US with access to the Little Petra and we’re very excited about that!

Since its reemergence back into the market last year, we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with number to residential and trade clients alike to bring the Little Petra to projects across the US.

pictured here in Karakorum 003 with Walnut Legs


Find the Little Petra here, or explore the rest of &Tradition’s lineup here. As always if you have any questions about this piece, reach out to us or come see it in person.

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