Introducing Blu Dot + Lekker Home: A New Pop-up Collaboration

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Just when you thought you were done hearing about a new showroom of ours … we wanted to formally introduce our second showroom, a pop-up in our old space fully dedicated to a brand we love: Blu Dot.

Blu Dot has been in the Lekker realm since the very early days, and who would have thought many years later we’d have the only Dot Spot in New England (yes, our new pop-up is the only source for Blu Dot in all of New England!). This collaboration is so special to us, as our values and strengths align so well with our friends at Blu Dot. We’ve been working for months and months to make this possible, doing the heavy-lifting alongside everything it took to open our new Wareham St home. ⁠

Without further ado, let’s give you a little tour.

The Blu Dot + Lekker Pop-up

“Blu Dot has been one of our favorite brands for years.” says Natalie. “Our customers love the forward design, quality and affordability. We love the brand and the people behind it. So having the opportunity to collaborate with Blu Dot on a dedicated Dot Spot to showcase the brand was an easy decision.”

Blu Dot was started by 3 friends in 1997, two architects and a sculptor with the goal to bring good design to the most amount of people – meaning shipping is fast, everything is thoughtfully designed in-house in Minneapolis, and there is a degree of humor and lightness in the way they approach furniture and business (which we love). This new immersive environment will showcase the versatility of Blu Dot better than ever before.

Some of our Favorite Blu Dot Designs:

Nook Bed

Hot Mesh Chair

Circula Coffee Table

Sunday Sofa Collection

Racer Dining Chair

Dang Console

Learn more about Blu Dot, here.

Pop-Up Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm

Photos by Samara Vise

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