Project Spolight: An Arlington Home Brightens up

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We’re back with another project spotlight and one with a whole lot of light, which we need as it’s getting darker sooner and sooner since fall has arrived (admittedly, we looked up what day fall starts and found out it is indeed … already fall).

This project comes out of Rachel Dunham, who we’ve written about before and can’t get enough of her work! In particular, today we’re focusing on her most recent project, a kitchen and bathroom renovation duo. Believe it or not, this Arlington project was her first full kitchen (which we cannot believe)!

DESIGNER: Rachel Dunham Design

PHOTOGRAPHER: Sabrina Cole Quinn

Location: Arlington, MA

Let’s take a tour


Rachel took the homeowner’s tiny Cape Cod Style kitchen and turned it into a huge, open space.

The amount of windows here just creates a stunning amount of light & increases the open concept, plus the dusty rose legs of the Loft Barstools by Muuto against the blue paint of the island are so fresh.

It was so smart to then play with the same blue/neutral balance with the cabinets, backsplash, and accessories. The backsplash tiles are very similar to the ones in our own kitchen at 38 Wareham St so we may be a little biased when we say we love them. We also highly recommend Serax’s Base Collection for espresso or tea.

Get the look on the right with our Farmhouse Olive Oil Bottle, the Windrow Bowl, or a Magnus Cutting Board.


In this gorgeous master bathroom, we see the same four-window pattern as in the kitchen. Also, look at that marble flooring! Oh, and those gorgeous striped towels? They’re the Linen Border Towels by Yoshii, truly a game-changer for bathrooms and kitchens alike –– go read about why they’re our favorite.

We’re back with the blue/white continuity here – particularly the hexagon shower floor and the subway tiles that mirror the kitchen! Using the hexagon tile for the soap shelf is a small touch that makes this shower even cooler.

Also, the Stool 60 by Artek in the corner is the best resting place for spare towels.

Who is that tile I see, staring straight back at meeee, okay I’ll stop … but seriously that reflection in the mirror is killer. Plus, a Be Home tray never looked better. We just can’t wait to see what Rachel dreams up next.

To explore more of Rachel Dunham’s work, go here.


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