Product Spotlight: The Huntsman Chair

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We hope to break down design in a way that is digestible and focused and tell the story of just how your favorite lounge chair or table made its way from a designers sketch to our showroom. And if you’d ever like to see a particular product featured, please let us know.

This week Hannah is spotlighting the incredible reintroduction of the Huntsman Chair by Carl Hansen.

Seven decades after its creation, Carl Hansen & Søn have brought back the Huntsman Chair – and we could not be more excited. An icon from the Danish Modern design era, the Huntsman Chair was originally introduced by Børge Mogensen in 1950, at the Copenhagen Cabinetmaker’s Guild Furniture Exhibition. The chair is a masterful expression of Mogensen’s love for subtlety and human-centered design.

With its refined strength and rugged elegance, the Huntsman is unlike any other. Mogensen thoughtfully crafted every detail, drawing on his deep respect for organic materials.

You can see it in the soft frame made of locally sourced Nordic wood, the angled legs, the rounded embracing armrests, and the mortise and tenon joints with contrasting wooden wedges to give it extra strength. Made of natural saddle leather that beautifully wraps around the wooden frame, the seat and backrest are held taut by buckles behind the back and under the seat.

Amidst the chair’s complex craftsmanship, there is one simple detail which may require actually sitting in the chair itself to notice … a swiveling backrest! Mounted on gorgeous stainless steel or brass brackets, the swivel provides serious comfort and flexible sitting positions.

Such thoughtfulness for adaptability is part of what makes the Huntsman a perfect archetype of Mogensen’s creative philosophy.

According to Mogensen, his goal was to “create items that serve people and give them the leading role, instead of forcing them to adapt to the items.”

The Huntsman Chair does exactly that – by remaining minimal and flexible, the chair truly welcomes people to express themselves freely. It’s fit to be a stunning dining chair, desk chair, or lounge chair – whichever fits your personality!

Here’s a few snapshots I took at the Carl Hansen showroom when we were there for NY Design Week:

Embrace Chair (now on the showroom floor), Gallery Wall by CH, and detailing of the Huntsman Chair

Instead of making people choose between their contrasting desires, the chair gives people the unique opportunity to experience both. It exudes pure luxury while carrying a down-to-earth, modest feel. It’s visually light and subtle, contrary to its sturdy, premium construction. Most importantly, it’s comfortable and functional, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

What’s even better? All Carl Hansen designs are 15% off during our Fall Sale Event.

Questions? As always, feel free to reach out to us about the Huntsman Chair or anything at all.

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