Our Favorite Fireplace Tools That Have Oprah’s Seal of Approval

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The chill is here, folks! Some welcome the briskness by layering with their favorite camel coats but here at Lekker we’re welcoming the fresh air by bringing out the trusty fireside companions. We head into every holiday season focusing on and sourcing designs that will bring ritual, comfort, and warmth to our spaces as we spend more time inside. A chance to spend some time with us inside is closer than you think …

A year round staple that creates those moments of warmth and togetherness is a fireside brand dear to our hearts called Eldvarm. You may have seen Eldvarm on the blog last year when we spotlighted niche gifts that hailed from all our nordic friends + they were also featured in this month’s issue of Oprah Mag, which made our lives. Next Saturday October 26th we’re holding an in-store event with the founder of Eldvarm (with copious amounts of wine and cheese of course) and even a chance to win some Eldvarm for yourself.

Let’s talk about what makes Eldvarm special

Eldvarm’s Story

Firmly rooted in Scandinavian tradition and culture, Eldvarm’s focus is to foster pause points in life that allow us to connect with others, and in those relationships slow down and relax. And there’s no better place for all of that then around the fire.

Eldvarm was founded by Louise Varre who grew up in Scandinavia, a place with weather contrasts that have a dramatic flair. Balancing time between Norway and Sweden, the role of fire was important for Louise and part of her familial traditions – fire kept her childhood home in Norway warm during harsh winters and fire pits became a place of socializing at her grandparents house during the summers. Eldvarm actually means Fire Warm in Swedish!

“We Scandinavians have a unique relation to light and fire. In ancient times, people worked outdoors all summer while the long dark winters were spent together in front of the fire, telling stories while crafting, polishing and perfecting objects.”

Louise was working in the fireplace industry for many years and was often asked by friends where to find nice fireplace accessories and after months of searching on her own for designs that could be both functional and the central part of the home, none were to be found and Eldvarm was born!

The Collection

The design of these fireplace tools is close collaboration between Louise and Eldvarm’s head designer Emma Olbers. Emma is a Swedish designer who graduated from the Beckmans School of Design, has her own fruitful design studio, and prides herself on being “a furniture designer with an eco heart”.

The meeting between Louise and Emma was quite serendipitous – Louise had been friends with Sandra Asplund (one of the founders another Swedish brand Asplund) since she was a teenager. Louise was introduced to Emma at a birthday party for Sandra one year and hit it off! The rest is history and they have been collaborating ever since.

All Eldvarm’s products are crafted with powder-coated steel and leather made from Swedish tannery Tärnsjö. Louise spends a lot of time in factories understanding all the different trades and constantly updating Eldvarm’s ecological footprint from product lifecycle, eliminating leather waste using 3D printing, or sourcing organic materials for every part of production.


Eldvarm’s newest design is a bench named after Louise’s grandmother Ninne, who was a source of inspiration for a lot of creative endeavors throughout Louise’s life. The Bench Ninne was conceived for wood storage, as an alternative to the Emma Wood Baskets, but we also love it as a bench for the end of the bed or a chic entryway.

“My grandmother, Ninne, taught me that beauty isn’t shallow, but a deeper, timeless quality — that the objects we surround ourselves with must stand the wear of the eye. She educated me in the art of creating an ambiance of tranquility, harmony and coziness in the home.”

Wine and Cheese with Louise

Like we mentioned earlier, next weekend we’re having an event with Eldvarm, Wine and Cheese with Louise at our showroom with founder Louise Varre! She’ll be here all day on Saturday, October 26th to mingle over wine and cheese, plus we’re raffling off five Emma Lanterns (ah!). We’ll even have Eldvarm’s new design, Bench Ninne on display for an exclusive look. The event is sponsored by amazing Champange House Leclerc Briant – a pioneer of organic champagne from France.

Leclerc Briant was one of the first Champagne Houses to focus on creating biodynamic wine as early as the late 1950s when founder Bertrand Leclerc became passionate about sharing and creating organic wine. The entire vineyard itself in Epernay is certified as organic, biodynamic, and all the wines are vegan! We’re so excited to have them as part of the event and share the importance and deliciousness of organic wine with all of you.

RSVP here to join us!

Products featured:

Emma Wood Basket

Emma Fireplace Tool Set

Emma Lantern

Emma Firescreen

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