An Abandoned 1920s Warehouse Gets A Moody Penthouse Makeover

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In honor of Halloween week we have been eating up dark interiors and industrial architecture, basically obsessing over anywhere a design-forward ghost could haunt until the end of time. Thanks to this Dezeen article we stumbled upon a project that we knew you’d all love for more than just its eerie history.

The downtown Portland building where the project is housed was constructed in 1927 but had been abandoned for many years before the incredibly cool JHL Design got their hands on it. JHL Design is an all-women and family-owned design studio and based out of Portland, OR and we couldn’t be happier to share their work with you all.

Let’s dive in

Interior Design: JHL Design

Photographer: Haris Kenjar

Location: Portland, OR

The job for JHL was to take this abandoned penthouse on the top of a warehouse and make it into an office space for a Portland tech firm. The inspiration for the space’s interiors came from the rugged architecture and an exploration of Japanese design influences – the repetition of the columns, the concrete, and an unearthed terrazzo floor all helped shape the decisions for the interior. This office’s open kitchen reminds me a lot of our own, with the addition of these lovely backless Beetle Counterstools by Gubi.

JHL was inspired by the “emphasis on the interplay of light and shadow to create poetic moments that evoke emotional and sensorial responses”. The Eames Lounge plus JWDA Lamp add to that intense contrast – we’re dreaming about the warm glow of the JWDA against the black leather.

Also, Copenhagen Table Lamps have never looked better on atop this open concept conference room. This open center of the office was created to accentuate the high ceilings and angled architecture. We need some of these ceilings!

The Alaskan Yellow Cedar works so well to add some visual brevity from the concrete floors and darker finishes. The only thing left unanswered for us is what spooky stories still linger in the halls.

Want more of JHL Design’s work? Explore their portfolio here.

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