You Need These Dining Companions For Your Next Meal

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If you have been keeping up with us on Instagram, you know we take our cooking and baking quite seriously around here. Blame it on a mild obsession with Great British Bakeoff (we’re holding a Great Lekker Bakeoff exclusively on IG stories that starts next week, cough cough) or so we have an excuse to swap out our kitchenware for new elaborate recipes at our leisure – currently loving everything Alison Roman if you’re in a food rut.

Roman is the chef we all aspire to be and just released a new book called Nothing Fancy. If you’ve read Bon Appetit or the NYT recently you’ll know why we’re so excited for this second book.

Our favorite tabletop tools right now?

When it comes to tools, we would be nothing without this mortar and pestle, because it comes in so many sizes that help with ambitious guac serving or low-key spice grinding – though we would never betray our favorite grinders for long. And ever since we started carrying Farmhouse Pottery last year, our oils have not lived anywhere else other than this bottle. Serving to impress (ourselves) always starts with a salad in this large wooden bowl or plating on any Blackcreek board, most likely a cheese from Formaggio or some fresh produce from Siena Farms.

It’s also so important to us to have a versatile carafe to keep handy at all times – this waste-reducing carafe can do the double duty of an informal picnic or a table setting. And for those of us that want a little more excitement, we break out these lux chopsticks for every noodle-based meal.

Two new favorites we’ve acquired that are edging us towards a one cocktail minimum after work are these smoky Ripple Champagne Saucers and the perfect barware that took months of searching for something that was different and sleek.

Any recipes you’ve been loving this fall? Let us know down below!

Products Featured:

Mortar and Pestle

Ripple Champagne Saucer Set

Bottle Grinders

Splash Water Carafe

Collar Cocktail Shaker & Measuring Cup

Mepra Chopsticks

Blackline Serving Board

Olive Oil Bottle

Crafted Wooden Bowl

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