Natalie’s Gift Picks and Holiday Tips

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I sat down with Natalie last week and chatted about everything holiday and what this time of year means to her – traditions, favorite foods, and the new designs she’s most excited about. We drifted from gushing over the Reflection Votives that sold out last year before anyone of us could scoop them up for ourselves, her go-to salad, and taking time to slow down and connect with herself.

Let’s talk holidays – Natalie Style

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

“We go to this one farm in Canton every year to get our tree – and of course to get apple cider doughnuts. There’s also a cow, we always say hi to the cow for the kids. But in a greater sense, for me the holidays are always a time to reflect on the whole year, and to be more conscious and present in the things I care about.”

How do you prepare to host a lot of people?

“A squash soup. Alcohol. And an antipasto platter and a cheese platter. I also love a seafood platter, like tons of oysters paired with champagne, but that’s something for later in the winter for more intimate nights.”

Do you have a go-to holiday meal?

“I always make a winter salad with pomegranates and apples, and a super tart shallot/mustard dressing. I’ve always liked the sides more than the main dishes, so I make tons of vegetables for the holidays and those are my favorite. Oh also, I like tenderloin more than turkey.”

Favorite Holiday Scent?

“Besides the tree, I love to make the house smell nice with some fresh eucalyptus.”

Any tips for recharging?

“Thankfully this isn’t a stressful time of year for me, I don’t get much time to myself but there’s nothing better than curling up with the kids and watching a movie. Or if I can I’ll go for a run.”

What are some gifts you want to take home?

Ripple Glass Collection

“I’m super excited about all the newness – especially all of the Ferm, the Ripple Collection is something I can’t wait to scoop up for myself. We just got the shot glasses in and they are so cute.”


Riddle Perfume Oil (in-store exclusive)


“I waffle between Santal and Original – what I like the best is that because it’s an oil, it reacts to each person differently. You and I could have the same scent on but we each smell differently – it makes [the perfume] super unique.”


Reflection Votive

“The square votive with the 4 candles is my favorite because it’s the most practical – because it fits on a coffee table or a tray. I love anything with a candle for the holiday season, and all us nordic people have tons of candles and always a snuffer to match, so this brass snuffer is also pretty sweet to me.”


What are gifts you’re excited to give?

Windrow Pie Dish

“I’m not a huge baker but I think everyone needs one classic pie dish like this one. Farmhouse also makes this Olive Oil Bottle which I use every single day. I think the Windrow Berry Bowl is a lovely gift too, such a sweet origin story behind it.”


Liam Throw

“This is a Lekker classic that will never go out of style and we can’t keep it in stock, this is something my mom would really love. The spice color has always been my favorite.


Dahlia Linen Napkin Set

“Everyone who loves to eat and cook can use napkins, so they’re my go-to gift. Our new linen napkins are so lux and simple at the same time, especially the Burgundy Set.


Greentree Tapers

“I also give all the really beautiful Greentree candles as gifts constantly, especially the column tapers in Sangria.”


Want even more gift tips? We just launched our holiday gift guides, The Uniek Edit, that are packed with unique gifts for every person in your life.

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