9 Gifts to Wow the World Traveler in Your Life (Once They Get Home)

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Since we’ve got a stateside Dutch of our own who inspires us all-year-round, this guide is always brimming with nostalgia and bestsellers that we handpick from the Netherlands, Sweden, or any of our friends from our favorite Nordic regions. Many of us ironically enough lived there during study abroad in college or beyond, so we hold a lot of special memories that intrinsically connect us.

Whether it be pining for fresh Stroopwafel, riding bikes in the countryside, or wandering the streets of Amsterdam for the coolest stores or best Indonesian food – our affinity for Dutch culture is strong.

So what designs do we pick to make the trip?

If you’ve been following us for a few years, you know that a holiday staple for us is reminiscing about the canals of Amsterdam with these Canal Houses, which hold a tea light and come in so many variations. We have quite a few people attempting to own the whole collection on a gotta-catch-em-all type mission. Other constants for us are making sure we have plenty of Delft favorites like this vase inspired by Holland’s famed flower or if you’re trying to find a more interesting place to put all those holiday sweets, a pioneer-woman favorite is this cookie jar. Delft has been around since it was invited in the city of Delft in the Netherlands since the 17th century – interestingly enough, Delft Blue was not made from the typical porcelain clay, but from clay that was coated with a tin glaze after it was fired!

Two newer classics for us are the Reflective Votive  which we just got in an arched version for this year and Eldvarm’s fireplace tools that are timeless, sleek, and a frequent blog feature. If you’re local, all of our holiday goods are out in the showroom and ready to be shopped, we have a Black Friday tradition of transforming the showroom into our holiday wonderland. We have nine sales AND free shipping going on for all accessories, so we’d stock up now if we were you.

A big part of creating our in-store wonderland this year were these trees because they’re perfect for centerpiece styling. And we wouldn’t be able to pull off the full look without sheepskins strewn all over. Two newbies into our Scandinavian scene are this candleholder that we can’t wait to fill with greenery and this lux stovetop espresso maker that’s part of aesthetic dreams of an at-home coffee bar.

None of these feel like the winning gift? Find even more in our gift guide for the Stateside Scandinavian.

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Products Featured:

Reflection Votive Holder

Hemlock Woodland Trees

Circle Candleholder

Emma Fireplace Tool Set

Dutch Cow Cookie Jar

Collar Espresso Maker

Australian Sheepskin

Canal House Votive

Tulip Vase

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