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It’s been an exciting week at Lekker with being featured in the NYtimes for our Emma Fireplace Tools by Eldvarm – the article went live and we truly came alive! We also had our Uniek Market, a book signing with our friend Joanne Chang for her new cookbook (get a signed copy while supplies last!), and completed another week of our Great Lekker Bake Off. So with all that being said, we are all looking for a much-earned break, particularly by the fire with some cider, a blanket, and quiet that only mid-winter can bring.

We’ll have to wait a couple weeks before that’s truly our realities, but until then we thought we’d share with you all our go-to tools and comforts for the ultimate relaxation, fireside or otherwise. These picks are for any moment that offers warmth or a break from the hustle and bustle.

Let’s get into it

If we’re talking traditional fireplaces, obviously the first big task is having fireplace tools that are functional, long-lasting, and can be part of your home’s natural ambiance. The Emma Collection of fireplace tools and accessories has truly transformed the way we think about the center of the home, and clearly, it’s having the same effect on others.

For some mantle love, we stand by two things: first is the modern stocking that beats all other stockings and second is this hand-painted tray that is also functional as a mirror, perfect for having a wow factor that is more than just looks.

And when it comes to entertaining, we’re bringing out the Champagne Saucers (our favorites here in smoke) and gold serving ware like this bottle opener or this forged cheese set. But when the night is through, we’re curling up with a Lekker newcomer, a Que Onda Vas blanket, for some winter cabin realness and a simple glass of wine in an essence glass.

Products Featured:

Velvet Stockings

Ripple Champagne Saucers

Forged Gold Cheese Set

Bar Bottle Opener

Sueno Sin Fin Blanket

Emma Fireplace Tool Set

Essence Wine Glass Set

Emma Wood Basket 

Aged Mirror Round Tray

Nothing feels right for your fireside dreams?

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