Small-Batch Ceramicists from VT, Glass-Blowing Artists, and Embroidery From Wyoming

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As you can tell, it’s really important to us that we carry creations from creative minds that aren’t a dime a dozen. We crave that artistic authenticity from start to finish – whether it’s combing through individual fibers to make the perfect blanket or wooden benches where the seats are hand-carved, we hunt high and low for artisans making their mark on the design world (most with small teams and big ideas).

Though there are so many pieces we could talk about, but we narrowed it down to give you all the low down so you can impress some important people in your life!

Let’s go

One of the most popular brands in general this year was the Vermont family-run Farmhouse Pottery where everything is hand-thrown and created by a small team of potters, anything from their lineup is a home run but Natalie says everyone needs this as a classic pie dish and we’ve been lighting this smoker for the past month to infuse the showroom with some calming Vermont scents.

Textile-wise the blankets we turn to for both graphics and composition is by a brand we love called Blacksaw, the Peruvian baby alpaca fur they’ve chosen to use is 7x warmer than wool, and also hypoallergenic. Blacksaw was born out of a husband-and-wife duo who handle everything sustainably and with care (hand-sorting every individual fiber type-care). For a classic cushion, we always turn to an Eleanor Pritchard pattern like this one, made on dobcross shuttle looms at a small traditional mill in West Wales.


Some of our cutest holiday ware is the embroidery that starts as a pencil drawing from Coral and Tusk, like this linen tea towel. They help us live out our moving-to-a-remote-art-compound-in-Wyoming dreams.

A local artist who has been a staple with us for years and who you should keep your eyes peeled for more collaborations in the new year is Thayer Design Studio, her baskets are everything to us because they’re so classic and versatile – if you pop by the showroom you can always see ours filled with blankets!

New hits from this year came from the Pittsburgh Glass Center and their collection of mouth-blown glass created by artist Jason Porock –– one of our favorites is the Cinch Pitcher. And newbies that arrived exclusively for this season are a Menorah that’s handmade in Los Angeles + this Candleholder from Brooklyn connoisseur of lighting and everything cool, Roll & Hill.

Products Featured:

Woodland Smoker

Elk with Wreath Tea Towel

Natural Balance Basket

Siempre Recycle Blanket

Windrow Pie Dish


Cinch Pitcher

Dovetail Cushion

Cache Candleholder

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