Lekker’s Step-by-Step 2020 Reset Plan

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We have started to clean out our closets, use an extra face-mask or two, and prep for the rest of this year in our hearts, homes, and the showroom. People love to hate on goal setting or using the new year for a reset, but we love it! There’s no better time to take some inventory and get a bit more organized (the number of storage bins we’ve bought as a collective is enough to inspire fear).

As we get settled into our new endeavors while combing through last year’s journey we want to share the ways that we can help you adjust, e.g., our favorite things to pamper, streamline, and begin anew.

Here are some of the ways to shed your 2019 worries, the Lekker way:

First and foremost we are breaking out all the stops when it comes to that buzz-word, self-care because it can mean so many things for so many people.

Better sleep, more mindfulness, bigger laughs and feeling settled within our homes are the ones that are the first we check off. Around here, mediation apps, like this one, are littered throughout our phone screens and January particularly contains a lot of rumination. On top of that we’re moving vignettes, crunching numbers, and setting some intentions.

We’re using:

Charcoal Facial Puff

Why: Charcoal is a detoxifier, and this specific charcoal paired with Konjac root is plant-based, biodegradable, and lasts for about 3 months!

How: Takes the place of our exfoliator, 2-3 times a week. No acid needed!

Frama Hand Soap

Why: Packaging goals. Italian glass. Made in Copenhagen with essential oils.

How: Kitchen or bathroom staple! Since it’s 100% natural and won’t strip your hands of moisture, it’s our “special soap” and we get refill bottles to decrease waste.

Incense Holder

Why: Made in LA by Marmol Radziner, it brings the LA wellness scene to us while remaining modern and elegant. Also, it’s handmade which always scores higher with us.

How: For the winter we love it for the bedroom with some sort of pine incense, like these. Because hey, if Boston is going to have six months of winter, we may as well lean all the way in.

Yoshii Towels

Why: Best-sellers for a reason – softness on another level, 100% cotton traditionally woven with Shanker 6 threads, which are literally massaged at one step of the production process. Plus, they dry fast too.

How: Adds a whole new level to a sensitive skin-care routine as a washcloth. And the best towel after the shower around, the Two-Tone Chambray is a bathroom door stunner.

Sometimes the good ‘ol pull and forget to put away gets the better of us, especially in our storage room, so streamlining storage is always a big part of the new year. And cleaning out our desks has made us obsessively look at all the new office releases, like the Oscar Collection from Ethnicraft.

We’re loving:

The Dots Coat Hooks

Why: We recently made our back-office a little more design-minded with Dots by Muuto instead of regular hooks for our demanding winter coats, and they’re perfect. Plus, the different sizes and colorways make walls look more like an art installation than anything else.

Oscar Desk with Drawers

Why: A new Ethnicraft release that seems to blend their older collections with the likes of the Anders & Ancestors collections to make office furniture we actually would want in our homes.

Ferm Plant Box

Why: It’s the perfect size for small spaces to add more greenery into your life with low stakes, or to function as a bar station/storage unit combo. So many ways to use it. You can also buy accessories to go along with it like this brass tray, or some dividers.

We’ve been eyeing the new cashmere color paired with the Haze Vitrine and it’s giving us all sorts of ideas.

Anders Sideboard

Why: The black varnished solid-oak paired with grey tempered glass is so luxurious and perfect for so many styles. This is a sideboard that will force you to be at your organizational peak, so you can display it all for the world (whoever comes over) to see. And it’s part of our quickship program which means it ships faster in 2-3 weeks. Another Ethnicraft winner.

After a year of opening up a new showroom, rebranding, and adding more designs than ever before … we want to make sure to incorporate lots of restful moments this year. Since our team is small, the go-go-go can creep in quickly but not if we catch it first!

We’re wanting:

Collar Espresso Maker

Why: If Percolators had prom this one would be queen. This Collar Espresso maker is the classic Italian way of making stove-top espresso known as a “Moka Pot”. We want to turn making our morning coffee into more of a ritual with this.

Pacha Lounge Chair

Why: Like everything Gubi does, it’s daring, it’s different, it’s a risk, and for us, it works. We love the low profile and the way it leaves you close to the floor with tons of curves for comfort.

Risom Magazine Table

Why: We were so excited when Fredericia re-released this table late last year, besides the obvious history behind this 1949 design, it is the perfect example of functional modern design. Lots of angular moments, clean lines, and a place to display our favorite design mags, newspapers, or frequent reads.

Circuit Sofa

Why: The Circuit Collection is a new Gus* Modern release that is their venture into curves, the ever-popular feminine trend for sofas and lounges at the moment (clearly, we love it this movement). It looks stellar in the showroom right now in Huron Ivory, though we love it in the Himalayan Cloud as well. It’s modular so you can truly build your own unique setup, even better it’s 15% off right now during the Gus* Grow Modern Sale.

This brings us to the final stage of aligning all our goals, changing those sheets and piling on some blankets – the icing on the cake that if nothing else makes us feel like we’ve got it all together.

We’re refreshing with:

Thayer Woven Basket

Why: Our friend, Thayer Design Studio, designs these in Boston and they’re then hand-crafted in Rhode Island. Each piece is made to order from high-quality wool and linen.

How: We can’t say this enough but it’s simply the best place to store blankets in an organized, aesthetic fashion. It looks good next to every sofa, every bed, and comes in so many different colors & sizes that having multiple at home isn’t overkill. If you’ve been to our showroom before you know, they’re ALL over!

Siempre Blanket

Why: We’ve written about the craftsmanship practices behind Blacksaw, but they’re made sustainably from baby alpaca wool in Peru. They’re some of the coolest throws around made by an even cooler husband and wife duo.

How: This adds a graphic element draped onto any surface so we love to fold them over a sofa or at the end of a bed.

Hale Tea Towel

Why: This linen-cotton blend by Ferm Living comes in a bunch of modern patterns and colors, abandoning the rustic kitchen vibe of a typical tea towel for something a little more artistic.

How: We all cook and bake so often that we change out our tea towels cyclically, these are machine-washable so they’re adding a fresh pop to our oven doors.

100% Linen Bedding 

Why: Linen is known to be the strongest fiber in the world, super breathable and 30% thicker than cotton! We have tons of linen bedding from sheets to duvets in the showroom, and online we carry Area – a textiles brand from NY whose bedding has you excited to sleep every day.

How: Many of us have converted to a linen lifestyle –– for a lived-in look, to keep us cool in the summers, and to add that extra step of treating yourself that sometimes makes all the difference.

2020? Let’s do it.

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