An Urban Wellness Hotel in London Gets A Scandinavian Remodel

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The always-on-the-forefront-of-cool London is known to innovate at every turn – we get a lot of inspiration from The Modern House, which shows off so much next-level design work coming out of the UK (it’s the perfect site to lose yourself in on a rainy day, we’re warning you).

A project that we recently fell in love with is a hotel remodel by East London based architecture + design studio Holland Harvey. We were familiar with Holland Harvey’s work after seeing this old supermarket they transformed into a homeless shelter in an attempt to destigmatize homelessness and restore dignity to those who are struggling.

This new hotel is called Inhabit and Holland Harvey took a sustainable approach in the buildout by using nothing artificial: stone is stone, wood is wood, etc. It’s on-brand for the hotel’s theme as a self-proclaimed “restorative experience from a frenetic city” with a focus on health, wellness, and self-awareness.

Let’s take a tour

Location: London, England

Architecture + Design: Holland Harvey

Photographer: Nicholas Worley

Inhabit is one of the first wellness hotels of its kind in London, offering a meditation station, a yoga studio in an atrium, and restorative retreats with everything from lifestyle coaching to fermentation workshops.

This CH25 Lounge Chair and curved table against the window is the perfect scene for a rainy day.

Holland Harvey decided to open up the floor-plan of six restored Georgian townhouses (previously a traditional, labyrinth-like hotel) to create a more communal layout in common spaces.

A Fly Chair and a Haze Vitrine? Our dreams have come true!

During the renovation around 270 items (weighing 3 tons) were saved from landfills to be utilized in the buildout process.

We love the Fly Sofa’s built-in side table so much.

The streamlined interiors nod to Scandinavian inspiration with Carl Hansen, &Tradition, and Ferm Living pieces anchoring the space.

The quiet luxuries of oak Carl Hansen Chairs like the CH23 Dining Chairs throughout the space allow everything to feel bright and fresh.

And another CH25 Lounge Chair!

Although the labyrinth of the space’s previous layout was no longer, they made sure to include some private spaces like a hidden + deep-colored library with floor to ceiling bookcases.

For more of Holland Harvey’s work, head here.

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