Ethnicraft’s Textile Line, BDDW, and 19,000 Steps in a Day: Our NYC Design Trip

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If you follow us on Instagram you may have caught our many steps and stops through NYC last week. We traveled into the city for two design shows that focus on decor, accessories, and small goods, NYNOW + Shoppe Object. And we took advantage of everything New York emits from its concrete pores – food, art, and showrooms still innovating the retail game.

Here’s what we saw, what we ate (very important to us), and what we’re so excited to share with you.

Shoppe Object & NY NOW

Design shows are full of inspiration, but require some master detective skills to find the gems. Picture us carrying cameras, folders, coffees, and moving with purpose through a giant exhibition center, product and booths snaking around us like a labyrinth. Comfortable shoes are a must (we took 40,000 steps on this trip), as are totes on hand to carry all the pamphlets or lookbooks we pick up along the way. We like to start right when a show opens to give ourselves enough time to truly comb through every single aisle.

As far as strategy goes, we’re looking to fill out our portfolio with brands that are the complete picture: match our warm-modern aesthetic, offer something unique or artisan-forward, and are sustainably-minded (this trip we were hunting for tabletop). We’re also gathering inspiration for all of you, newness from our existing brands, and best practices that we can use in the showroom and online to better our work.

Here’s a little drop of everything that visually caught our eye:

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1) Ethnicraft’s New Textile Line

At Shoppe Object, we got a first glimpse at Ethnicraft’s new textile line called Refined Layers, a mix of cushions and throws designed by Dawn Sweitzer, who is the creative mastermind behind all their accessories. If you’re a lover of her tray designs – these new textiles pay a clear homage to her geometric leanings.

The line will be touching down in the US at the beginning of March, so keep your eye out for a Lekker arrival then.

2) New Blacksaw Design

Also at SO, Blacksaw launched a new design crafted by one-half of the duo, the Lottalove Reversible Throw, designed by Steph. This throw is a more delicate design than the others, adding some variation to their unmistakable prints.

3) Tons of New Blu Dot

Another showroom we took a trip to was heading over to Blu Dot’s Madison Ave store, who had so much newness for us all like this Mate Lounge Chair, a Chip Bench, and New Standard Bed in new Storm Velvet!

We’ll be adding these new additions to the website soon because they’re available now, so hang tight.

4) Farmhouse Additions

There’s not a time when Farmhouse doesn’t kill their booth at a show – this time at Shoppe Object, we got to see a new natural Beehive Buzz Off Incense Burner, as well as some beautifully-colored citronella and lavender incense. Oh, and the classic Windrow Berry Bowl is becoming a plate for all your drainage dreams.

It’ll all be available just in time for Spring!


Our culinary adventures included classic bagels at Murray’s Bagels and a pit stop at The Butchers Daughter, where we got wellness lattes and grain bowls after our first day pounding the pavement. One night we indulged with new-age meets old-school Italian at Johns on 12th St, they have a whole vegan menu! Intimate, classic, and tucked in a cozy corner of the Lower East Side.We also hopped the bridge to Brooklyn to eat some Mexican food on the roof at Almas, and made sure not to miss out on the roasted cauliflower soup with bright chili oil + herbs at ABC Kitchen (not pictured due to how swiftly we ate it).

Bonus: Inspirational Showrooms


BDDW is one of our favorite showrooms to visit where everything is made by hand by artist Tyler Hays. His designs and showroom layout are always consistently spectacular, down to the smallest of details. We also loved to see clothing from M.Crowe and some fashion integrated into the space this time around.

Roman and Williams Guild

We know Roman and Williams can do no wrong, from their ceramics studio in their Montauk secret garden to their interior work, we’re always happy to stop for a brief respite in the more permanent home of their brand – The Guild. Though we didn’t grab lunch, we did linger over their tabletop styling that embraces their inclination for elegant disarray.

Stay tuned for new brands hitting the shelves this spring!

And to get all of this action live, keep up with us on Instagram where we bring you along for every trip.

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