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If there’s anything we know, it’s that there has never been a better time to lose yourself imagining a summer backyard party filled with everyone you love for when this is all over. Ours would have an Aperol Spritz fountain, an array of bright berry pies, and likely involve making clay model interiors (we’ve been very into this project by Eny Lee Parker). Instead of thinking about your backyard, patio, deck, or porch as the lingering project that will never end, take this time to think about what you need and the summer activities you often indulge in.

Don’t have huge dinner parties or a large family? A dining table that takes up a ton of room won’t be your favorite. Don’t like to crisp up in the sun? A chaise isn’t for you! Beyond being the perfect time to dream up an outdoor scape, we have new Blu Dot Outdoor that just touched down online, the Knoll Outdoor Sale started yesterday, and shh don’t tell anyone but even a Fermob savings event may be starting on April 9th.

Here’s a rundown of the functional essentials for any outdoor setup

1. Keep it light with a Portable Lamp

There’s always going to be a use for an outdoor light, and one that is portable will make your life so much easier, think about walking the dog at night, a poolside luminary, a quick dinner centerpiece, etc.

Our picks: Balad Lamp + Carrie LED Lamp

Fermob’s Balad Lamp

Super light and rechargeable, the Balad Lamp and the Carrie LED take the cake as they both have handles and come in a variety of colors.

2. Utilize Fun, Multi-Application Seating

There’s nothing better than a moveable piece of furniture that can act as your side table, footrest, extra seating, or patio art installation. These versatile pieces can help you make more seating in a pinch without having to lug chairs in and out of the house.

Our picks: Bumper Outdoor Ottoman + Maya Lin Stone

The Maya Lin Stones

The new Outdoor Bumper Ottoman by Blu Dot is upholstered in Sunbrella and the Maya Lin Stones are molded out of 100% recycled polyethylene, which means easy stain cleanup and fewer worries.

3. Create a Comfy, Lounge Corner

No matter if it’s a chaise, lounge chair, or hammock we’re all in search of the perfect outdoor nap, more vitamin D, and a place to lay when we’re trying to have some alone time.

Our Picks: 1966 Adjustable Chaise, Mate Lounge Chair, Outdoor Cuba Chair

The 1966 Adjustable Chaise

The 1966 Chaise is such a classic, its contour version is great too, making it perfect for (responsibly with sunscreen) soaking up the sun. Two new outdoor lounge chairs on the scene are the outdoor version of the Cuba Chair which we’ve previously raved about, and the Mate Lounge Chair we saw in NYC that comes in the most perfect color-ways.

4. Attune Your Dining Setup to You

Whether this is a Bistro Table nook, a more elaborate setup like the BK15 Dining Table, or a cluster of lounge seating and coffee tables, somewhere to gather and scarf down barbecue food is essential. Think about the entertaining you enjoy, the number of people you normally have over, the food you serve, and go from there.

Our Picks: Bistro Table and Chairs + BK15 Dining Table, BK10 Chairs

The BK Dining Setup

These two are easy favorites for us, the Bistro Collection is the perfect solution for the space-conscious and the BK Collection is ready for the chicest dinner ever to be had.

5. Amplify Coziness with an Outdoor Rug

The piece that takes everything up a notch is having the comfort of a well-made outdoor rug or mat under your feet, it will add a level of serenity that quickly rivals your living room.

Our Picks: Tide Weave Rug + Market Fringe Floor Mat

The Tide Weave Rug

You can’t go wrong with either of these woven rugs, they’re washable, made to handle messes, high-traffic, and anything the best backyard party can throw at them.

Bonus items: A Pitcher + Cloth Napkins

Please save the environment, there is no time left for single-use plastic or paper napkins so cloth napkins are a bonus tip we highly suggest.

We’re obviously fans of our linen napkins – as they’ll always fit in with any table, they’re washable and have that lived-in linen look (that perfect crinkle if you know what we mean). And serving any batch cocktail or fresh lemonade calls for a pitcher as beautiful as your mixed drink creation, we love the hand-blown glass of the Cinch Pitcher.

Any of this match your outdoor dream? Reach out to us. We’re now offering video design assistance appointments!

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