Sustainable Apothecary For A Self-Care Summer

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It’s been a hot minute since we gave you an update about what’s happening on the homefront at Lekker, just like everyone else in our world, we’re navigating this new territory of by-appointment-only day by day. And if you want to stop by, we’ve made it super easy to schedule online.

But just because shopping is changing, doesn’t mean we’re not going to bring in some newness for this summer. Particularly our focus pre-pandemic was finding more personal care goods that align with the qualities we find non-negotiable: sustainable, natural, and thoughtful. Right now we could all do a better job at redefining time for work and time for play, as that intersection is increasingly being intertwined with the number of people work remotely.

So a few new apothecary brand introductions are in order, as well as some fresh products we’ve just added online, to help us all rebel by getting some rest.

Let’s talk new

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Fazeek caught our eye in February while we were traversing all the small-good shows in NYC. These vegan hand-poured soy candles are the best of both worlds for us: coming in warm scents like green tea and campfire smoke, while being housed in a resin + stone terrazzo vessel meant to be upcycled for future use as a planter, vase, pencil holder, whatever you deem fit.

Their focus on ethically-sourced and cruelty-free products truly furthers the point that you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability (aka, no bees were harmed or used in the process of making the wax for these beauties). Plus, there’s never a time we’d deny taking a mental trip to indulge in Australia’s flora.

Scents we’re most excited about: Green Tea, Kakadu Plum + Bush 

Shop Fazeek

Another find from our trip to Shoppe Object earlier this year, it is a joy to introduce a champion of organic, natural soaps, Mater Soap hailing from Brooklyn. Their products range from bar soap cured for 4 weeks to liquid body soap packaged in post-consumer recycled plastic, made from 100% natural, sustainably-sourced plant ingredients.

Think smokey pine tar, kaolin clay, and salty sea plants coming together to make the ritual of bathing both an ethical and indulgent practice.

Scents we’re most excited about: Basil Bar, Holy Bar

Shop Mater

Our favorite mirror, the Pond Mirror, by Ferm Living, finally has a tabletop counterpart. The mirror detaches from the stand if you’re looking to do your makeup in the part of your house that has the best lighting or so you can display its asymmetrical coolness on a shelf.

Also, the Toliet Paper Holder by Ferm is a recent addition we’ve already scooped up for ourselves. Now we know just what you’re thinking, a toliet paper holder? This minimalist, triangular beauty installs right into your wall with just a screw. Outside of personal care, tons of new Ferm Living launched online this week.

Shop Ferm Living

Our best-selling towels by Kontex are entering the upcycling game, the new Re.Lattice Towel (Recycled Lattice Towel, to be clear) is made from scrap fabric from other designs and recycled plastic bottles. Just one bath towel removes plastic bottles out of landfills and makes use of discarded cotton from other towels, minimizing CO2 emissions and reducing water and dyes in the process.

Another new print from Kontex we think you’ll love is the Graph Towel, a classic windowpane design composed of their staple ultra-soft, 100% cotton. One of our favorite thing about Kontex will always be that they use natural dye from ingredients like bamboo charcoal, coffee, and black tea.

Shop Kontex Towels

Our cult-favorite brand we can’t help but shoutout in the apothecary space is Frama, especially because we have lots in stock, ready to ship. Their lotions and soaps are packed in reusable Italian glass bottles and the line was inspired by St. Pauls Apotek – an historic, wood lined pharmacy in central Copenhagen first established in 1878!

Shop Frama

Want more? Explore all our new arrivals.

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