&Tradition Brings Back Danish Designs from the ’50s

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Though we’re fans of the new, the weird, the reinvented, there’s something incomparable about designs that span decades. Pieces that have universal appeal outside of their window in history are their own type of magic. It’s why we care so much about authenticity within design – compare it to the expertise of a musician behind your favorite song or the notoriety of a prolific book. Though there are many covers and reproductions, the original piece will always transcend.

Recently &Tradition decided to re-release designs from Copenhagen-based, Danish design and architectural firm, Hvidt and Mølgaard. Founders Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen were pioneers within Danish mid-century design known for their use of laminated wood and innovations to furniture production. Their work can be found exhibited at the MoMA, Melbourne’s National Gallery, Copenhagen’s Design Museum, and now at Lekker!

Let’s meet their designs

HM1 Boomerang Lounge Chair

Hvidt and Mølgaard were known for their no-frills, streamlined approach to design, perfectly encapsulated here with the Boomerang.

Shop the HM1 Boomerang Lounge Chair

HM2 Boomerang Lounge Armchair

The slender brass legs and hand-polished wooden frame are characteristics of both the HM1 Lounge and HM2 Armchair, with the only difference being armrests on the HM2.

Shop the HM2 Boomerang Lounge armchair

HM3 Drawn Chair

Most pieces from this newly acquired collection were designed in 1956, following a multifunctional approach or including practical variations like the Drawn Chair coming with or without armrests.

Shop the HM3 Drawn Chair

HM4 Drawn Armchair

For fans of the classic seat of the Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen, the seat of the Drawn Chair is also composed of handwoven natural paper cord, over 100 meters of it, in fact.

Shop the HM4 Drawn Armchair

HM5 Drop Leaf Lounge Table

The tables designed by Hvidt and Mølgaard perhaps best communicate the versatility of their entire &Tradition collection, being organically shaped after, you guessed it, a leaf, as well as collapsable. The HM5 Lounge Table is completely foldable, making it an ideal side table for smaller spaces.

Shop the HM5 Drop Leaf Lounge Table

HM6 Drop Leaf Dining Table

The HM6 Dining Table, on the other hand, has two hinged sections that fold down from the fixed center, transforming it into a makeshift sideboard or smaller table that can abut flat against a wall.

HM6 Drop Leaf Dining Table

HM7 Pinwheel Table

The two departures from the pieces designed in pairs are the HM7 Pinwheel Table, and the only lighting in the collection, the HM8 Tripod Floor Lamp. The HM7 Pinwheel Table can function as a standalone piece or be fit together to form a larger unique design only limited by your imagination.

Shop the HM7 Pinwheel Table

HM8 Tripod Floor Lamp

The HM8 Tripod Floor Lamp balances clean lines with the curved edges of its base –– and we’re suckers for the matte satin finish.

HM8 Tripod Floor Lamp

Explore all the new arrivals here.

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