Lawless Design Creates Boho Interior In ’40s House by Marcel Breuer

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A trend we know everyone can’t help but keep tabs on is the excess of folks and rhetoric around departing cities for different pastures  – whether that means a faster jump to the classic suburban move or looking for a semi-rural area to call home.

Sometimes a location jump is exactly what you need for a physical or spiritual restart, we stumbled upon a design project by Lawless Design from 2017-2019 that dealt with a couple feeling the same way, wanting to leave Somerville after they found out they were expecting but in looking to keep their style found a house from the 1940s designed by Bauhaus Design leaders Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer. Quite serendipitous right?

Let’s explore their home and the interior outfittings of Lawless Design

Architecture: Henrybuilt



Lawless Design set out with the goal to make the home’s architecture the star of the show by keeping the interiors neutral and simple with plenty of fun, earth-inspired moments intertwined. We think they nailed the concept of ​​the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, a core principle in Bauhaus Design, which traditionally means a synthesis of multiple art forms or designing with the total project in mind from the architecture to the smallest interior details.

Before Breuer designed iconic places like the Whitney Museum or Saint John Abbey, he started with designing tubular furniture like the Wassily Chair and Cesca Chair, and then designed private homes throughout Massachusetts and New York, with this couple lucky enough to snag one of them!

The free-flowing, open concept of the house makes every nook and partition matter, like this copper-paneled wall with an angular Orion Sofa by Eilersen in front.

Explore Eilersen Sofas

Rather than turn structures upside down, they wanted to make use of what already existed, like turning a former koi pond into a ball pit to be more kid-friendly, or the vibrant colored Wishbone Chairs adding both tradition and a break from neutrals. Carl Hansen is having a Dining Sale right now if you want to snag some of your own!

Explore the Wishbone Chair

Another Breuer architecture characteristic in his residential projects that we love is using long strip windows that wrap around a house, bringing an immense amount of natural life and light. This sitting room brings some of that nature into the textile realm with the jute of a custom Armadillo Dandelion Flower Weave Rug.

Explore the Dandelion Flower Weave Rug

As we move towards the kitchen, stone takes center stage with this gorgeous 80-year-old fieldstone fireplace that created a small corner for the perfect breakfast nook. And a reminder that we have to re-consider organizing our nuts and grains.

If you’re looking for us this weekend, we’ll be finding a replica of this tub to take away some from the omnipresent worldly stressors.

Find more of Lawless Design here.

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