The Top Designs to Snag During Our Fall Sale Event

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Though missing summer is very real, especially with all of us clinging to outdoor solace, fall has abruptly arrived at our doorstep. Like it does every year in New England, the temperature suddenly settled into the 60s overnight. Say what you want, but fall is a celebration of change, a seasonal renewal to welcome with open arms right now when nothing else feels quite normal.

The chill is percolated with another positive in the Lekker world as 11 of our brands are having their annual sales during our Fall Sale Event, so if you’re in the mood to add some newness into the monotony, we’ve got you. We compiled a list of picks for each sale going on to give you some guidance with sifting through the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of designs on sale!

Let’s run through our Fall Sale Event favorites

Carl Hansen

15% off everything until October 18

New Edition: Outdoor Cuba Chair

An outdoor version of the beloved Cuba Chair was released this year, and we think it’s just as versatile and elegant, complete with a flat-weave outdoor rope and FSC-certified teak.

Explore the Outdoor Cuba Chair

Classic Choice: CH24 Wishbone Chair

We want to start by saying you can’t go wrong with any Carl Hansen dining chair, the CH26 and the Embrace Arm Chair are also fabulous picks if you’re looking for a dining chair with arms. The Wishbone is perhaps Hans Wegner’s most widely known and celebrated work – taking over 100 steps to make and 120 meters paper cord seat woven by hand.

Explore the Wishbone Chair

Louis Poulsen

15% off everything until November 12

New Edition: Yuh Collection

The Yuh Lamps reinvent what a shade can do for a lamp. The shade is completely moveable –– it pivots, rotates, and slides on the vertical stem to move the light exactly where you want it.

Explore the Yuh Collection

Classic Choice: PH5 Pendant

Another master in illumination and bestseller in the LP lineup, the PH5 Pendant remains completely glare-free due to its reflective three-shade system, which emits light both downwards and laterally. By doing so, it illuminates the hues of the aluminum, especially if you choose a colorful option.

Explore the PH5 Pendant

Blu Dot

20% off everything until October 25

New Edition: Mate Outdoor Collection

When we first saw this design earlier in the year at ICFF, we instantly clicked with the colorways. In terms of battling the elements, the tubular aluminum frame is wrapped in an all-weather woven rope and even has a UV-resistant sunbrella seat.

Explore the Mate Collection

Classic Choice: Field Lounge Chair

The Field Lounge makes unwinding simple, it’s both comfortable and lightweight, available in both fabric and leather, and keeps it modern without being stiff. Add the matching ottoman to recline just a bit more.

Explore the Field Lounge Chair


15% off everything until October 17

Classic Choice: Anything Aalto 

Artek is filled with classics but you can’t go wrong with anything designed by Alvar Aalto. We’d highly suggest a Stool 60 or a Bench 153A as they’re multi-purpose designs that can be moved into any room with ease for additional surface area or extra seating. They’re both made of Finnish solid birch that is grown, harvested, and dried in Finland. Fun fact, the birch is only harvested once a year in the winter!

Explore the Stool 60


15% off everything until October 19

New Edition: Post Light Collection

Muuto’s lighting is a no-brainer, from the Ambit Pendant to the Unfold Pendant they’ve got it all, but two newcomers to their collection are the Post Floor Lamp and Post Wall Lamp offering a modular choice to set the mood. Using a magnetic joint, the individual shades can be vertically positioned, turned, and dimmed.

Explore the Post Light Collection

Classic Choice: Airy Coffee Table

Any piece that is functional and fun to look at is our pick every time, especially if it’s designed by Cecilie Manz. With the Airy, you can choose between four sizes, one of them being a versatile half size you can use to make a two-tone table, a wall table, or whatever else you can dream up.

Explore the Airy Coffee Table


20% off furniture + lighting until October 18

New Edition: JWDA Floor Lamp

A re-imagination of the fan-favorite JWDA Table Lamp with a marble or travertine base retains the form of the original with a brass knob that acts as a dimmer. An elliptical glass shade and the thin brass stem makes this an elegant and bold design not to miss.

Explore the JWDA Floor Lamp

Classic Choice: Plinth Collection

A series of multi-use tables available in rose, white, or black marble, take any room to a new level. All Plinth marble is handcrafted in a small factory in Portugal and makes anything resting atop of it feel like a trophy.

Explore the Plinth Collection


15% off everything until October 18

Classic Choice: Grand Repos and Ottoman

A perfectly executed European lounge chair –– it’s modern with a clean profile but still spacious with a high backrest and luxurious padding. Plus, for some joy and flexibility, the added swivel is a great touch.

Explore the Grand Repos and Ottoman


15% off everything until October 15

New Edition: Pacha Lounge Chair

Oh, we simply love the Pacha, it has been caught in the likes of Kardashian offices despite its low profile. Get it? Anyways, its cozy and compact with curves fitting into all your organic living room or library nook goals.

Explore the Pacha Lounge Chair

Classic Choice: Beetle Dining Chair

The Beetle Chair is one of GamFratesi’s most iconic designs, and it’s a favorite for a reason. Inspired by its namesake, it offers a sturdy shell structure but soft inside. Choosing the chair is easy, and choosing between a plastic shell and the litany of upholstery options makes it a custom design dream.

Explore the Beetle Dining Chair


15% off everything until November 1

New Edition: Canvas Collection

Along with their recent rebrand from Ercol to L.Ercolani, they’ve released a ton of new designs, which includes a collection of cabinets complete with canvas doors that add a level of texture to their wood mastery that we can’t get over.

Explore the Canvas Collection

Classic Choice: Originals Love Seat

Seats fully carved by hand, fun color-ways like half forest green, and quickship standby styles, make this design hailing from a traditional no-brainer or a creative standalone.

Explore the Originals Love Seat

Herman Miller®

15% off lighting until October 15

Classic Choice: Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant

Originally designed in 1952, this soft light by George Nelson is an icon that can be recognized anywhere. At all sizes, it remains both lightweight and sturdy, and if the saucer isn’t for you, there are so many variations in the pendant collection to choose from.

Explore the Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant

Explore the Fall Sale Event.

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