Jewel Glassware by Louise Roe Arrives From Copenhagen

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Take a mental trip with us. Imagine you’re in central Copenhagen – shopping the best of design, sipping a latte, eating fresh bread and cheese, and in a cool, effortless outfit. You stumble upon a concept store called Louise Roe Gallery, and the rest is magic. Since we can’t make the real trip happen for you, we’re so excited to introduce you to a new Danish brand that just touched down on our virtual and physical Lekker shelves.

Let’s get acquainted


Louise Roe is a Copenhagen-based interior design brand founded in 2010, specializing in everything from lighting to ceramics. Each piece is personally sketched by head designer and brand namesake, Louise Roe, who attempts to balance sculpture, architecture, and storytelling.

For now, we want to introduce you to three collections of her glassware that live in a space between avant-garde and modernism, coming in a spectrum of rich jewel tones perfect for the fall season.

Her Jewel Vase collection is informed by edgy graphic lines and Danish design, and the angular qualities exude luxury in its colorways of amber, smoke, and rose. There are three sizes specifically designed for different sized bouquets and cut blooms.

Explore the Jewel Vase

These intricate vases are mouth-blown at a historic glass-blowing factory in Poland, which has a long and old tradition of producing mouth-blown glass, specifically glass ornaments! The Balloon Vase comes in three sizes in various colors like the Jewel Vase above, but if you’re looking for the largest statement of the bunch, look towards Balloon Vase 03, which commands sculptural respect at over a foot tall.

Explore the Balloon Vase

In the same graphic nature of the Jewel Vase, Louise Roe’s Brilliant Bon Bonniere Paris + Pearl are glass containers to mix and match for any treasures you’d like to store but still have on display. We love mixing and matching the sizes and colorways.

Explore Brilliant Bonniere Pearl

Explore Louise Roe here.
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