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Amid the election-week chaos, we want to focus on the positive, a special group of people who have been making headlines all year, our essential workers, who have kept the country running, while millions of us have been able to work (and vote!) from home. Going on eight months of this new normal, we owe all of our essential workers an enormous thank you! You probably know a nurse, a teacher, or someone in the service industry that deserves a pick-me-up.

So we put together a handy guide of gift picks to help thank an essential worker in your life.

Let’s dive in

For someone that needs a dose of peace, the Green Tea Terrazzo Candle made in Australia by Fazeek, is a great option to gift any essential worker, green tea contains a naturally-occurring chemical called theanine, which is known to produce a calming effect.

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Another way to show appreciation is with a luxurious throw blanket that they can curl up under while relaxing and watching a movie or reading a book. We’d recommend the Liam Throw from Area Bedding, which has a buttery-soft texture made from Alpaca wool and is available in a variety of rich colorways like Bourdeaux, Rose, and Spice.

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One gift that anyone working right now will appreciate is a high-quality hand soap or hand lotion that will give their skin a break from the harsh hand sanitizer and soap that they use all day at work. Our recommendation is Copenhagen-based Frama Hand Lotion and Hand Soap. The unisex scent they’ve created for their apothecary is inviting to anyone’s palate, with notes of Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang.

The soap leaves hands feeling refreshed and cleansed, and the lotion is a great finishing touch, leaving skin feeling moisturized but not oily.

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For the person who loves a piece of nature that greets them whenever they get home, we’d recommend one of the new organic vases from &Klevering. A personal favorite is the Arch Vase in dark green, which pairs beautifully with eucalyptus sprigs or fresh lilies.

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For the essential worker who likes to keep their place tidy, the Line Basket by Thayer Design Studio is the perfect gift to keep their living room organized for pillow or throw storage. These come in a few different sizes and color options, so there’s an option to match every living room thanks to their neutral tones.

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For the essential worker who loves a natural skincare regimen, the Amenity Kit by Grown Alchemist is a great gift option as it will help them keep their hands, lips, and face moisturized as the weather gets drier. Plus, the small sizes are super easy to throw into a bag to take on the go. Each of these smells of warm fruit and vanilla cream, which is sure to lighten anyone’s mood.

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