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Some have the gift of the DIY down. You know them well, the friends who craft artisanal candles made with organic lavender grown from their garden or insist on knitting an elaborate sweater that could easily be carried at a Brooklyn boutique. Though we wish to be those people, we don’t always have the time. It’s why we support masters of their craft all over the world, big and small, making things by hand with beautiful human err and variation.

To share our finds with you, we put together a gift guide filled with our favorite Artisan Artifacts that are one-of-a-kind objects and embody craftsmanship from our friends who do it best, like Ferm Living and Farmhouse Pottery.

Let’s run through our standout picks

Vase Droplet | &Klevering

Hailing from Amsterdam, a new addition to our holiday lineup by our experts in whimsical Dutch design is the colorful Droplet Vase handcrafted with gradient stained glass for any small sprigs that need a home.

Shop the Droplet Vase

Ripple Carafe | Ferm Living

One of our best-selling carafes from Ferm Living, the Ripple Carafe, makes displaying any beverage from water to wine feel special, we’ve spoken enough about the Ripple Collection, watch the signature glass being made:

Shop the Ripple Carafe

Balloon Vase | Louise Roe

We did a write-up on Louise Roe when it first hit the shelves this fall, but it hasn’t left our minds since. Mouth-blown glass from traditional craftsman in Poland bring the graphic Balloon Vase to life in a variety of jewel tones.

Shop the Balloon Vase

Brus Carafe | Ferm Living

A glassware newcomer for the holiday season, deliberate pockets of air are blown into the glass of the Brus Collection to create scattered bubbles. The pinched tip also makes pouring anything easier.

Shop the Brus Carafe

Hemlock Pitcher | Farmhouse Pottery

A Farmhouse Pottery favorite, this hand-thrown piece from Vermont comes in 3 sizes and is so multifunctional. Did we mention it is dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe?

Shop the Hemlock Pitcher

Hebe Medium Lamp | Ferm Living

The Hebe Lamp is was just discontinued in the U.S., but we have exclusive stock of this rare Ferm Living sculptural light that broke the design internet this year. It’s organic in form, surprisingly light, and even has a dimmer to create any ambiance you desire.

Shop the Hebe Lamp

Trunk Vase | Farmhouse Pottery

We saw the Trunk Vase made live at the Farmhouse Pottery studio and we have never felt less talented. It’s ring-like design is inspired by trees in Vermont forests, with each ring made by the pressure of a finger.

Shop the Trunk Vase

Sekki Collection | Ferm Living

A pour-over coffee dream, crafted from stoneware with a cream-colored glazed clay filled with tiny grey speckles. Pair the Sekki Coffee Dripper with the Sekki Coffee Pot and some freshly ground coffee, and you have a new ritual for your morning cup.

Shop the Sekki Collection

Balance Basket | Thayer Design Studio

Meredith of Thayer Design Studio is one of the coolest around, and her textile designs are no exception. Designed in Boston, hand-woven in Rhode Island, the Balance Basket is the perfect representative of her flair for the effortless accessory. Made of natural wool in various colors and sizes, we’ve used her pieces for everything from a planter to a living room blanket catch-all.

Shop the Balance Basket

Sueno Doble Blue Cushion | Que Onda Vos

Made from 100% hand-spun cotton on a foot loom, this design by Que Onda Vos is designed in Belgium, made in Guatemala, and can fit in any home’s vibe from coastal cool to any woodsy cabin.

Shop the Sueno Doble Blue Cushion

Savery Throw | Uni’quity

Uniq’uity is our source for the most luxurious Belgian linen, all their throws are made in Belgium with traditional weaving techniques and 25 years of design experience from founders Alain Low and Laetitia Zichy-Low. The Savery Throw is a classic because its bold colors are balanced by a delicate pattern, bringing life to any sofa without committing to a graphic print. We’re partial to the rich colors of mustard and ice blue.

Shop the Savery Throw

Nero Chevron Cushion | Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft’s new textile collection, Refined Layers, has just touched down at Lekker. One of our favorites, the Nero Chevron Cushion, is a textural blend of wool, linen, and cotton manufactured in a Belgian family-owned weaving mill.

Shop the Nero Chevron Cushion

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