How To Celebrate Design This Valentine’s Day

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Celebrating the holiday at home doesn’t need to be mundane, and hey, even if you’re not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day we could all use the excuse to forget about the world by way of celebration. If you’re trying to share a little romance with yourself or anyone you love this year, let’s set the scene for some high-design indulgence at home, which we may know a thing or two about.

Let’s dive in

I think we all can admit, we’re choosing or being forced to side-step away from taking care of ourselves. If you need time to do a self-check-in, let feelings out from this year, or reconnect with your creative side, take it! An easy jumpstart to alone time starts with pampering yourself in small ways like getting back on your exfoliating schedule (the Binchotan Charcoal Puff here is a Lekker skincare favorite), upgrading your towels, or lighting an organic, warm scent like Teak + Neroli Candle from Fazeek.

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day classic, but especially in the Northeast, our greenery sometimes needs an extra boost to combat the less than ideal winter conditions. No matter what the bouquet, having a vase that’s also a beautiful object helps keep your design choices intentional and cut down on clutter. If you’re looking to gift a modern classic, a timeless choice is the Échasse Vase designed by Theresa Rand for Menu coming in three different sizes.

Lekker Creative exclusive: There is a brand new amber color for the Échasse Collection that was just released for spring, and will be touching down at the showroom soon! We’ll keep you updated when it’s live on the site too, but for now, contact us to order this beauty.

 For something slightly more feminine, Louise Roe takes the cake, especially the Balloon Vase in Burgundy. And if your floral recipient is a lover of the abstract, the Memphis-inspired vases by Klevering are larger than life. Now if we could only follow our own advice and not buy a new vase at every vintage store we visit …

Wine, cocktail, tea, adaptogenic mushroom latte, we’re toasting to just about everything lately. Why not? Express some gratitude for your health and enjoy the pause points of life. If you’re planning on whipping up some drinks for your big night, step into a mixologist outfit with Stelton’s Collar Cocktail Shaker in hand. Even if cocktail’s aren’t your forte, everyone will believe they are when they see this nordic addition to your bar cart.

If wine is more your thing, our smokey and romantic bestsellers from the Ripple Collection, the Ripple Wine Glasses will have the mood feeling right. Or for a more delicate look from our friends at Iittala, tackle any drink occasion with their classic Essence Collection handmade in Finland.

If you’ve used this time inside to lean into cooking, anyone who cooks at home knows that often presentation and finishing touches are just as important as the recipe execution. That last drizzle of truffle oil, flakey salt, and cool servingware will uplift your culinary skills on this day of love. For big pasta or salad endeavors, serving them in a Farmhouse Crafted Wooden Bowl or Painters Bowl is the equivalent of transporting your kitchen to a Vermont restaurant where they have house cultured butter, and every vegetable was pulled from their garden out back.

Another favorite in the wood family to impress yourself or someone special are the Blackline Serving Boards, handmade in Kingston, NY. A design fact to woo your beloved, no pigments are used to create the color of these serving boards, their unique technique uses the acid inherent in white oak to develop a food-safe dye. If there’s already a serving board or bowl in your life, these forged gold serving tools are an easy home-run.

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