Introducing the First Ethnicraft Outdoor Collection

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You know, or maybe you don’t, that Ethnicraft has been a staple at Lekker for over sixteen years. So we couldn’t be more excited to share that their most recent release just in time for early spring is their first outdoor collection! Like all long-lasting wood designs made for the outdoors, each piece is made from solid FSC-certified teak, containing adaptions of some of their bestsellers as well as a few never-before-seen designs. If you’re local, make an appointment with us to stop by the showroom because the whole collection is newly on the floor.

We’ll let the designs speak for themselves; here’s a first look.

The Jack Outdoor Collection

A completely new addition that joins the Ethnicraft lineup is The Jack Outdoor Collection by designer Jacques Deneff. Deneff was inspired by Danish designers from the ’50s and was looking to design something classic, comfortable, and light. The thin teak frame paired with the thick rectangular cushions helps the design remain both universal and modern.

The Jack Outdoor Collection comes with off-white or mocha cushions and contains a lounge chair and two sofa sizes: a two-seater or three-seater.

Explore the Jack Outdoor Collection

The Bok Outdoor Collection

Oh, the Bok Table is one of the most beloved Ethnicraft designs to date. The Bok Outdoor Dining Table is almost identical to the original design, except with slatted grooves for drainage and to allow the wood to expand and contract during temperature and humidity changes. Yes – wood is porous and living, even when it’s in table form!

Explore the Bok Outdoor Table

The Bok Outdoor Chair echoes the same sentiment – the only change to the outdoor version from the original chair is the slatted seat.

Explore the Bok Outdoor Chair

The Circle Outdoor Dining Table

Inspired by classic Japanese puzzles, the four-joint legs of the Circle Outdoor Dining Table allow for closer sitting and was designed for more prolonged conversations and intimacy than a traditional long dining table.

Explore the Circle Outdoor Table

The EX1 Outdoor Dining Chair

The EX1 Chair is where we see the new outdoor designs vary slightly from the original – the EX1 Outdoor Chair loses the secondary railing underneath but gains that same slating for the seat we’ve been discussing.

Explore the EX1 Outdoor Dining Chair

Explore the entire Ethnicraft Outdoor Collection here.

Any questions? We’re only a chat away.

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